Covid-19EZLabz Gives you the Chance to Get Tested from Home

According to several sources​, COVID-19 testing is up 18% while the cases are up 56%. Contrary to what President Trump said, increased testing cannot account for the rise in hospitalization and fatality rates in multiple states. Testing is extremely necessary, and we should encourage people to get tested. However, many are unable to book appointments, find a drive-thru location near their home, or are scared to go in for testing. That is when EZLabz’s innovation comes in.

What is EZLabz?

Four years ago, the founders of​ ​EZLabz​ saw there was a need to make the blood drawing process EZier as doctors were no longer drawing blood at their offices. With this in mind, they created a service to provide concierge at home blood draws and urine collections. Through their website, they connect patients to licensed and insured Phlebotomists, also known as Lab Technicians, who will come to your home or your office to draw blood or pick up urine samples to deliver to LabCorps or Quest Diagnostics.

EZLabz became the middleman between patients and the best phlebotomy service in their area through their partnership with Mobile Phlebotomy Services. After the patient has received a prescription to get any type of lab work done, the licensed EZLabz Phlebotomist picks up the sample–whether it be blood or urine–and delivers it to the lab to be processed. Once the results are in, both doctor and patient will receive them.

Three Valuable Promises

Since the beginning of the pandemic, EZLabz has seen its patients tripled and they have doubled the number of technicians on their team. In case you plan to be a member of their team and render your services as a phlebotomist, there are online phlebotomy classes you can find to learn.

1.​ Fast and Convenient: ​you can make the appointment for the Phlebotomist to draw your blood or pick up your urine sample at home. They will arrive as scheduled and draw your blood in a fast, convenient, and professional manner.

2.Insured: they guarantee their staff is a professional team of certified and insured Phlebotomists who have performed thousands of blood draws.

3.Affordable: EZLabz offers their services at an affordable rate since their services are self-paid and will not be covered by insurance. Most of their services are done at $70, but you can always call them for pricing.

Working for COVID-19 Testing

Since the beginning of the pandemic, EZLabz has seen its patients tripled and they have doubled the number of technicians on their team. As well as building a team to support the call center for service requests done online and through the phone. These efforts have been put in place to guarantee patients receive the best service possible while having their blood drawn at home. They know how important it is for people these days to feel safe and taken care of, and that is exactly what their technicians guarantee on every visit.

With COVID-19 cases increasing, testing will continue to increase day after day. More and more individuals will want to get tested for the virus or the antibodies, so it is great to have a service like EZLabz put in place. Their in-home blood draws will allow people to stay in their place of residence while being tested and guarantees they will be tested without having to worry about too-far-out appointments or crazy drive-thru lines. EZLabz is giving patients the chance to get tested from home, and we are all thankful for it.

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