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Imagine a world where clinical documentation is cut in half, loyalty and new patients skyrockets, and you still close your practice on time. That’s the magic of VEA, the revolutionary Veterinarian Electronic Assistant. No more tabbing between menus to build your treatment plan or complete your SOAP; VEA harnesses the power of AI and voice dictation to transform the tedious task of SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) notes into a smooth and efficient process....


VEA is redefining veterinary medicine with its patented SOAP note generator, the first in the field to leverage AI for enhancing practice efficiency. This discussion focuses on how VEA’s integration of voice dictation and AI simplifies the creation of SOAP notes, automates routine case management, and contributes to effective disease prevention and surveillance. We will also explore its impact on reducing charting time, its seamless integration with existing clinic systems, and its pivotal role in...


When Your Pet Dies, Who Can Help You in Your Grief? Contact: animaltalksinc.com The death of a beloved pet at any age leaves a huge hole in our hearts, and a huge emptiness in our lives. Boston-based, nonprofit animal charity, Animal Talks (animaltalksinc.com) has received international kudos for its pioneering work in Pet Grief and Loss counseling, and for its guidance in helping all who are struggling with the pain of losing an animal family member...

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