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Designed to provide interoperable data for healthcare systems, FHIR interoperability leader 1upHealth has developed a system that connects providers and patients from over 10,000 healthcare facilities, bridging the gap between patient data and provider needs.

One of the biggest issues in the medical community is the fact that patient data has been isolated in various Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. As a result, healthcare providers struggle to access patient data, leading to a less than optimized experience for both providers and patients.

This problem can be eliminated, however, with 1upHealth’s FHIR API platform that aggregates patient data from thousands of locations for easier access, making patient data and healthcare more accessible for all.

In regards to COVID-19, we are partnering with multiple organizations to create a pandemic toolkit that enables people to get information, report their status and track their movements, build free, public datasets outlining COVID cases and providing remote point of care diagnostics. FHIR allows us to utilize EHR data in your app to deliver care during this pandemic. Simply ask consumers to connect their individual data and compute on it instantly.

How do patients benefit?

Understanding healthcare can be difficult for patients. The burden of seeking and understanding treatment, however, is only intensified by the fact that patients’ health records and data can be scattered throughout EHR systems, making it nearly impossible to take their healthcare needs into their own hands.

With 1upHeath, patients can create a free patient account, and keep track of their medical records in one synchronized place. 1upHealth’s technology utilizes standardized formats for automatic updates and storage, where any updates in the patient’s electronic medical record will be updated once the patient authorizes their access to the 1upHealth patient app. Overall, for the patient this means easier tracking and access to their medical data, such as new medications, lab results, allergens and more. In turn, this allows the patient to not only keep up with his or her own updated prescription list, but also view lab result updates sooner, and track trends and changes over time — all in one place.

Whether it’s storing, sharing, or managing a patient’s health information, 1upHealth is designed with the main goal of allowing patients to be in control of their own electronic medical healthcare records and data.

Additionally, with the release of the CMS final patient rule regarding enabling easier access to medical records, patients now have more access to their electronic medical records. 1upHealth recently put on the Virtual Health Conference where several speakers from the ONC, CMS and other organizations shared what the rule release means, specifically towards FHIR interoperability and patient health data access for health plans including Medicare Advantage (MA), Medicaid, CHIP, and Qualified Health Plan (QHP) issuers on the Federally-facilitated Exchanges (FFEs). Patient panels were also able to discuss the benefits of the rules, and what FHIR is enabling for them.

How do providers benefit?

It’s not uncommon for health providers to miss a possible diagnosis or lack vital information due to knowing only part of a patient’s story. When a provider is only able to access the health information stored in their own system, they may miss diagnoses or prescriptions logged by other healthcare providers. Providers also lack access to patient-gathered data, such as metrics recorded from external devices such as Fitbit.

1upHealth’s standardized system gives providers access to over 280 million patients  from over 10,000 health systems and provides them with every piece of the puzzle to the best possible healthcare. The 1upHealth provider app works in conjunction with top EHR systems and provides a wide range of services — such as interactive patient timelines, patient and search records, and customized content all generated by FHIR resources — to make providing adequate healthcare a breeze.

Whether you’re a patient seeking an organized system for all of your health data or a provider looking to offer the best possible healthcare services for your patients, 1upHealth offers a simple and secure network that allows for an improved user experience. Ultimately, this leads to faster, more accurate diagnoses.

This article has been sponsored by 1upHealth

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