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There are few things company’s (startups especially) shouldn’t try to mess with. And you guessed it, it’s HR and payroll. A proper HR can make your business exceed its limits and skyrocket your sales, firstly because it in charge of the hiring process makes employees in check when it comes preventing from burnout and helps in retaining the best workers on board. So, when you find your HR superstar, be sure not to lose him (or her), remember, a happy HR means a happy business.

We know how hectic HR’s job can be. There are so many things to do, and workdays seem to be too short of finishing everything that’s needed. You may be wondering how to get pay stubs from direct deposit. Luckily, there are numerous apps and software in the market which can save the HR manager’s time, and we’ve decided to share a few of them with you. If you are HR, or you are a business owner interested in helping your office superstar excel, then this is the right article to read. So, let’s go!

1. Vacation Tracker

Taking time off is crucial for your company’s success. This way your team members avoid burnout, and come with a clear head ready to take on new challenges. However, sometimes tracking time off can get out of hand and create a lot of hassle.

With Vacation Tracker, a leave management tool for Slack, this problem is in the past. Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and endless emails chains, as Vacation Tracker allows you to track your team’s time off in a few simple clicks, all through Slack.

Feel free to take it for a test drive, as Vacation Tracker offers a free 14-day trial.

2. Niles

HR managers are probably the first faces new employees see once they get hired. HR managers are here to give them proper information about the company, working hours, policies, free days, etc. But they are also here to answer some trivial questions that might arise along the way. And telling one story over and over again can be tiring. We discovered a fantastic slack bot which helps in easing up this process.

Niles will give new (and existing) employees answers to the questions you provided beforehand. It can be beneficial when it comes to the employee onboarding process, and it can even connect with Google Drive to help you share more of your company’s knowledge. Convenient, isn’t it?

3. Disco

If you’re just starting with your company, then you really need to work on building your company’s culture. One reason why you should do it is definitely straightening the bond between the company and its workers by nurturing common values. Disco is one among great Slack bots for HR managers who can help you achieve this. It’s a fantastic slack bot which helps you celebrate your company’s culture via tools you use and, to offer their claim, decreases employee retention by 30 percent.

4. Happster Feedback

We’ve already talked about the importance of excellent communication at work. Being ready to give and receive positive and negative feedback is the backbone of every business. Luckily, some smart people found a way to automatize this process and skyrocket employees happiness levels.

Happster Feedback is one among many slack bots for HR management we love because it lets you add feedback in no time. And if you’re all about keeping your employees happy, this is the right tool for you.

5. Paperbot

We love Slack, but we also know chats can become quite a mess even with only two people in it. And if the situation is like that with just a few people, you can imagine how jammed it can be with a whole team in it.

Paperbot is a Slack bot which helps you in organising the links you’ve ever shared in your channel. That way getting the needed information is easy and fast, and everyone can have access to it if needed.

6. ExpenseTron

If you ask us, finance can become quite messy. Mainly if they are managed by more than two team members. That’s why we were so happy to discover ExpenceTron among Slack Bots for HR management. It allows your employees to send all kinds of information about expenses and they can even send a picture of the receipt. On the other hand, managers can accept or deny revenues from Slack. What’s more, this slack bot allows you to share all kinds of expenses related to stuff such as mileage expenses, purchase orders, etc. It made our life so much easier!

7. BirthdayBot

We love birthdays! Not only because we’re hoping for a piece of cake and an opportunity to have a casual gathering at work, but it’s because it’s an excellent opportunity to acknowledge your coworkers and let them see how much we care about them.

BirthdayBot is a Slack bot which helps you gather all your coworker’s birthdays and keeps you updated in Slack. How amazing is that? On top of that, it lets you organise birthday parties and much more to make your teammates happy on their special day.

8. Icebreakers

Great teams are always made of people who know each other well. However, sometimes getting to know your coworker can be quite tricky. Some of them are working part-time, some of them are freelancers and others are just too shy to open up to others. That’s why Icebreakers makes you break the walls of shyness with your colleagues by randomly asking funny questions. As your teammates answers the questions, your bond with them straightens, and the team is getting better and better.

9. Engazify

If you’re a business owner, then you should realise sooner rather than later the importance of acknowledging your workers. It will help you boost their morale, engagement and overall productivity. And who wouldn’t want workers who possess all of these qualities?

Engazify helps your team to send anonymous praise to their coworkers and ensures them to stay motivated and happy. All of that, via your Slack account. Amazing, right?

10. Fortay

You should never miss a chance to engage your employees, and Fortay is a fantastic app to do so! It uses Al to access and analyse the engagement of your workers and works on examining your team’s culture as well. All of that in real time!

11. Axel

Getting a new job is stressful for any individual concerned. Even if you’re accepting a better paying position in a company you’ve a dream to work for it will still leave you with an uneasy feeling. By using Axel, you will ease and speed up the process of employee onboarding by giving them a welcome kit as well asking them some questions to speed up the introduction among teammates. Convenient, right?

12. WorkRamp

Meet WorkRamp , an enterprise training and development tool which helps you train your team in the fields of sales, customer service and much more. It also enables you to manage various aspects of the training in Slack such as personalising it and assigning it to the right team members.

13. Wade & Wendy

We’re never tired of good career advice. And if you share our opinion, you better add this amazing slack bot to your Slack account. Wade & Wendy is among those slack bots for HR management which helps you excel in your career by encouraging you to make smart career moves.

14. Lucy Abbot

This one is interesting. This is 24 hours available HR chatbot which is specialised in millennial and Gen-Z generations. It’s able to schedule and send mass messages which are so personalised; someone could think they’re written only for them. It helps you solve problems in real time and via your Slack channel.

15. Breezy HR

Scouting for new employees can become a quite hard and tedious task. But not with Breezy HR which helps you to find, attract and hire new employees. All that, without being afraid of losing yourself in paperwork. We tried it, we liked it. We loved it! Would you give it a try?

Bye, Bye…

… for now. HR is a hell of a job and requires a lot of energy, knowledge and a will for constant self-improvement. It’s an essential and responsible job, and if we can find some Slack bots for HR management which can help us out in reaching our goals, we’re not afraid to install them. We tried many of them from this list, it helped us, and we sure hope it will help you in achieving your business goals.

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