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Mental Health is becoming one of the most noticed topics of this century. The demand for mental health program is growing because more and more people are dealing with depression, grief, stress, etc. these days. No one wants to sink into depression but there are not many solutions for emotional problems, so these APP ideas below may be a life buoy, give them a hand in getting out of the black, negative water.

1. Voice-story Sharing APP

It has a platform that is similar to Instagram’s except that people will share their voice, not picture. It also has the ‘empathetic’ button and counts the number of people listening. Users can set incognito mode, livestream, chat with each other and participate in community groups. Sometimes, people just want to be listened so that they can express their thoughts and feelings. This APP can help them to do that when there is no one to share because of barriers such as worrying about bothering others, fear of being judged, sympathy lacking listeners, etc.

2. Puns and Jokes game APP

It sounds quite silly and old-fashioned but it can raise the mood up in some ways.

This is a game that does not require you to win, each quiz and answer will bring you more joy rather than the feeling of victory. According to new research published in the journal Brain and Behavior, humor can help decrease negative emotional reactions in people vulnerable to depression, and what is more humorous (or awkward) than some dad-jokes?

3. Mental Exercise APP

This application will give you random mental exercises that will surprise you every time you open the APP. In addition to the unexpected element, it also integrates data statistics from previous challenging attempts to give you appropriate exercises.

Some exercises or challenges can be included in the APP are 30-minute walking, visiting a place nearby, doing puzzles, listening to a song, etc. that will make you interested in thinking about what you are going to do today.

These mental exercises require a large amount of data in giving exercises so it will need constant updates. This APP requires tracking technology such as GPS, Location Analytics, Behavior Analytics, …

4. Play by Swearing Game APP

To play this game, you have to swear. This will be an action game in which you control the character by using various bad words. I know it’s kind of weird, but according to researchers at Keele University, Psychologist Richard Stevens says, “I would advise people, if they hurt themselves, to swear.” The brain links obscenities with emotion. When you are ready to express your emotions, you can cope with them better.

This game may be suitable only for adults, with sufficient cognitive ability, and for the purpose of relieving stress.

This APP requires Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing technology that is quite complicated.

5. Digital Coach APP

This APP will be a mental health coach for you. It will give you thorough instructions on both physical and mental training exercises based on suitable schedules.

The digital coach will cheer at the terrible moment, countdown the activity time, give you some advice from the inspirational quote gallery, etc.

The APP will remind and communicate through chatbot (a new star in healthcare) and voice technology, making you feel like you are companioning with a real coach.

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