GeneralWhat Goes Into End of Life Planning

There are quite a few monumental life events that people celebrate. People will make plans and host festivities for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Bar Mitzvahs, quinceaneras, retirements, religious holidays, work promotions, graduations, divorce parties, gender reveal parties, pet birthdays. You name any type of occasion, I bet someone is planning an event for it!

But let’s get serious about one thing, the one topic most people overlook or avoid discussing is end-of-life planning. As morbid as it may sound, we will all experience death one day. Why not take some pressure off your loved ones and prepare your end-of-life plan, should anything happen.

Start to Build Your Personal End of Life Plan Today

There are many resources for end-of-life planning, but not all resources are cut from the same cloth. You want to use a platform that is straightforward, simple, and easy to understand. A platform that will help you build your ideal end-of-life plan. A platform like Lantern. Lantern end of life planning offers checklists, tools, and information that will make the end-of-life planning process so much easier. By following Latern’s step-by-step process, you will get all affairs in order and not miss an important detail during the planning process.

What to Include in Your End of Life Plan

  • Create End of Life Documents

End-of-life documents include a living trust or living will, last will, and testament. These documents will clearly outline the course of action to take place with your estate when you are incapacitated or if you passed. By preparing these final documents in advance, you save your loved one from legal trouble.

  • Create a list of assets

By preparing a list of assets and pertaining values, you can easily pass down your assets to your heirs.

  • Decide where you to be during the last stages of life

People have different ideas of where they see themselves when they are near the end-term of their lives. Some people are private and would like to remain in the comforts of their home at-home with care. Some people want to be part of a community with more interaction like an assisted living facility. Some people will prefer to be fully taken care of in a nursing home until their final days.

  • Decide on your end-of-life plans. This includes the funeral services and burial or

cremation arrangements

There are so many options for an end-of-life plan. While many follow the procedures and ceremonies outlined in their religious beliefs, many people do not. Details to think about are the memorial service, viewing, burial or cremation, spreading ashes, and so on. Do your research and find the plan that is right for you.

  • Outline your obituary information

With most deaths, your family will post an obituary in the local paper or online. You can take control of your last narrative by leaving the obituary or information you would like included in your obituary for your loved ones.

By preparing your end-of-life plan in advance, you can pass at ease knowing that your final days were what you expected, your family will be taken care of with your last will and testament, and you will be able to rest in peace for eternity exactly how you imagined.

Do what is Right for You and Your Loved Ones

Everybody has a different take of how they want to be laid to rest once they pass. Unless you leave a clear outline of your wishes available to your family or closest friends, they may not know your actual afterlife preferences. With all of the choices out there, let’s prepare a robust end-of-life plan to be followed. It will take the stress off your loved ones during their time of mourning. Lantern is a great platform to utilize while outlining your end-of-life plan.

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