GeneralIs HGH the Fountain of Youth?

Unfortunately, premature aging has become the ‘new norm’. Various factors such as stress, the foods we eat, and hormonal changes trigger premature aging. And nothing feels worse than having wrinkles as early as 30/40 years. Some signs of premature aging include sunspots, gaunt hands, itchy/ dry skin, sagging of the skin, hair loss, etc.

Solution for Premature Aging

If you have developed any of the above signs, don’t worry. All you need is HGH therapy, as it can help balance HGH levels in your body. That will keep you looking young and energetic. Human Growth Hormone is a protein produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. It’s then released to the bloodstream when one is sleeping. It helps in enhancing growth, cell repair, metabolism, and body composition.

Besides, it triggers the growth of muscles and strengthens the body, not to mention that it helps one recover quickly after a disease or an injury. More HGH is produced during childhood, and it reaches its peak during puberty. As you continue to advance in age, its production decreases. Low levels of HGH decrease the quality of life, increasing the risk of contracting diseases and causes premature aging.

But you can boost HGH levels in your body by changing your diet and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Can Human Growth Hormone Slow Aging?

 Aging affects the production of Human Growth Hormone. Its production reduces considerably with age. According to health experts, HGH secretion reduces by 50% within seven years after 18 years to 20 years in men. That’s because aging lowers the production of this hormone more in men than women.

Therefore, only a little HGH is secreted in older men. The estrogen in women has a protective effect that prevents early HGH deficiency. But that doesn’t mean that HGH production in women will remain the same as they age. That’s why it’s recommendable for both women and men to undergo HGH therapy to reduce anti-aging effects by promoting HGH secretion in their bodies.

Actually, the moment HGH is secreted, it prompts the liver to produce insulin which plays a key role in the formation of body tissues and bones. HGH is vital for children’s growth and development. Children without this hormone struggle with slow growth and development.

Old age, diseases, surgery, or tumors may cause HGH deficiency. This leads to excess weight gain, heart diseases, fatigue, muscle loss, low energy levels, decreased tissue repair, and osteoporosis. All these factors can make an individual age faster.

What’s the Effect of High Level of HGH?

Still, high HGH levels are not good as well. That is because they increase the chances of developing prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. Furthermore, too much of this growth hormone leads to a condition referred to as acromegaly. It’s a condition that causes swelling of feet and hands in patients. It also alters their facial features.

That’s why it’s important to maintain balanced HGH levels even as you advance in age. Fortunately, several companies offer HGH therapy to help balance HGH levels in the body.

That way, you’ll not only escape premature aging, but you stay healthier and energetic.

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