Mental HealthWhat Anxiety Symptoms May Look Like for You

In recent years, as a culture, people have become more aware that mental health is very important and needs to be taking as seriously as they take the health of the rest of their bodies. In the not-so-distant past, people placed a stigma of weakness on people who had mental disorders or illnesses. This has led some people to still be stuck in the past and having feelings of shame for suffering from normal things like anxiety and depression.

This leads to many people not seeking help for their mental illnesses and they continue to get worst. In the worst cases, this leads to their intrusive thoughts continuing to manifest until thoughts of self-harm or even harming others enter their mind. In the absolute worst cases they may even be successful with one or both of these. This is why it is so important that there be no stigma! So that everyone knows they can ask for the help they need without fear that people will look at them differently.

Anxiety: Where Does it Come From and What is it?

Anxiety is easily defined as the body’s natural reaction to stress. It is essentially worrying about something that has yet to occur. Something everyone has done from time to time because we all face stress daily. Stress is a natural part of life and you start facing it as soon as you are conceived. If stress is allowed to manifest and is not dealt with it will lead to anxiety. Anxiety can be controlled and for some people only lasts for a short period of time.

However, for people some people it can be a daily struggle to not feel constantly worried. This is a red flag that this person likely has some sort of anxiety disorder. If you notice that you can not stop feeling worried or like something bad is about to happen. Then it is time for you to take the step to talk to your doctor about these feelings. They may suggest you talking with a professional to try and see if there is something that has triggered you to start suffering from this chronic anxiety but your doctor will be able to give you medication to help.

What Can Anxiety Look Like?

Anxiety can present differently in everyone. There are some common things that people with anxiety may do. They often over plan everything. They need to know what to expect at all times because if they don’t it makes them worry. People who present their anxiety this way will become very upset and anxious when anything causes their plans to change. They can not stand the idea of being late to anything and will often always be early just in case they might hit crazy traffic on their way.

Another way people may manifest their anxiety is by having phobias that don’t really make logical sense to anyone but them. Why the phobia may be of something that others fear their fear will be over the top. The phobia can be anything from a fear of getting sick so they are extremely sanitary and only eat “healthy” foods or it could be a fear of dogs that renders them to have a complete meltdown when they see one.

Another very common way anxiety presents is just being quiet and withdrawn. They have a fear of any social gathering and don’t want to be judged. People who present this way often also hate the phone and will feel in a complete panic whenever they have to answer the phone or make a phone call. For people with extreme social anxiety doing something as simple as calling in a food order to a restaurant can feel like an impossible task.

These are just a few ways anxiety symptoms can manifest in you. Now that you have a better idea of what anxiety may look like. If you think you may be suffering, take the first step and contact a professional today. You can talk to somebody about your anxiety without even leaving your home or talking on the phone. Many companies offer you the ability to text with a licensed professional on your phone. So no need to be anxious any more you can get on the path to wellness today.

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