GeneralWhat Does Knee Arthritis Feel Like? Here Are Some Insights

Getting older brings a lot of challenges physically and emotionally. Your body starts losing its charm and eventually makes you feel weaker every day. But there’s one thing many seniors complain and worry about. And that’s knee arthritis.

Although young people can also suffer from knee arthritis, it might be a hereditary condition, too. It is much more prevalent in older adults.

Medically speaking, arthritis is a common condition that refers to the wear and tear of the natural cushions located between joints known as cartilage. After the cartilage wears off, the bones tend to rub more closely against each other. And because there is not enough cartilage to absorb the shocks, the rubbing results in pain and stiffness. You might even experience the formation of bone spurs.

Causes of knee arthritis

According to health experts, knee injury is one of the root causes of arthritis. Torn meniscus, knee fracture or ligament injury can pave the way for post-traumatic arthritis. You might not even experience any symptoms for several years.

So, if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with knee arthritis, here’s what it is going to look and feel like.

  • It gets painful with time.

Arthritis pain is something you might not even notice for a very long time.

At first, you might notice pain in your knees in the morning or after being inactive for hours.

You may even feel shooting pains while climbing stairs, walking, or even getting up from a chair.

But if you start feeling sudden pain while sitting, you know it is serious. If not treated on time, the condition starts getting worse with time. Thus, knee surgeons suggest contacting your doctor immediately after you start experiencing pain in your joints to treat the condition before it becomes a problem.

  • It leads to Swelling

People with arthritis might also experience swelling in their knees. This is because of the extra fluid that gets collected around the joint.

It is much more noticeable after you stay inactive for long hours, especially in the morning.

In fact, some people have also reported experiencing tenderness along with swelling.

Arthritis affects the whole body, making you feel tired and unwell throughout the day.

That’s the reason why the Best knee replacement surgeons prefer dealing with your condition early on and improve the overall quality of your life.

Their motive is to help your knees heal in the best way possible.

  • It results in buckling and locking

With time, the damage in knees and joints results in unstable structure.

Sometimes, arthritis ends up damaging tendons, which in turn damages the stability of your knee.

That’s the reason why you’ve been feeling buckling in your knees.

In fact, as mentioned above, you might even start experiencing the eventual formation of bun spurs as the cartilage starts wearing off.

This creates a bumpy surface on your knees that results in locked joints. The worst part of this is that it makes it hard for you to straighten or bend your knees.

If that happens with you regularly, it would be best to seek professional help as soon as possible.

Final words

Knee arthritis can be painful. It can eventually deteriorate the overall quality of life. So, if your doctor says you have knee arthritis, you already know what you’re dealing with.

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