DentistryLearn The Tips For Surviving Your First Week Of Braces Here

Getting braces means that you have already taken the first and crucial steps towards achieving that perfect smile you always longed for.

Let’s be honest, from day 1 of getting adjustments for your teeth, it is really exciting to see the results and the new you. But the journey isn’t as easy as it seems, especially the first week.

Adjusting to those metal wires and hardware in the mouth isn’t exactly a celebration. Not to mention, the huge lifestyle change might even end up making you feel overwhelmed.

That’s why once you get those adjustments to beautifully align your teeth, certain rules can help you survive your first week seamlessly. Here we have listed some of them to streamline your journey of achieving the smile of your dreams.

  • Get a headstart on discomfort

Many patients often feel irritated in their first week of braces as they are not aware of what they are signing up for. In fact, some people even experience pain psychologically continuously thinking that getting teeth adjustments might hurt.

See, first of all, braces do not hurt. Yes, you may experience mild discomfort obviously because your teeth are not used to the pressure they bring along.

You might even start experiencing a little bit of sensitivity, but that will wear off in a few days. So, you can consider having some over-the-counter painkillers.

They will kick in as soon as sensitivity begins and feel relieved thereafter.

  • Floss and brush properly

One of the things you might have a hard time dealing with during the first week of your adjustments is how to brush and floss properly. Obviously, you are not used to brushing and flossing around wires and brackets. But with everything else, you’ll get through this too.

For this, you need to make sure that you brush your teeth regularly after every meal and before your bedtime for at least three minutes.

Healthcare experts also recommend brushing around braces with non-whitening and fluoride toothpaste. It would also be best for you to use a soft-bristled brush and apply moderate pressure while brushing.

  • Stock up on braces-friendly food items

As mentioned above, your teeth will be a tad sensitive after the adjustments. So, it is better to stick with soft foods and cold drinks to avoid the sensation.

For this, you can go for mashed potatoes, smoothies, soup, ice water, and ice creams. Cold food items and beverages will numb your mouth and make you feel comfortable while eating.

You must also remember that you don’t bite directly or tear into raw food items such as apples and carrots during the first week. Take small bites and try to chew with your back teeth for the first few weeks after getting adjustments.

And after the first week, when you get used to the wires in your mouth, you can switch to your favorite food items. Still, it would be best to avoid sticky food items such as popcorn, bagels, caramel toffees, and chewing gums.

In the end

Wearing braces is the best way to align your teeth perfectly. But it isn’t supposed to make you comfortable. So, if you have recently got your teeth adjusted or are planning to get one, use the tips mentioned above to get through the first week.

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