EMR/EHRPharmaWhy Being Honest About Drug Prices Is Helpful To Your Practice

Quality care for patients isn’t as one-dimensional as some people may think. The process of giving this kind of care also involves a look at the systemic barriers that hold patients back from accessing care. One such barrier that has a huge impact on the decisions that patients make is the element of cost. Now, there is a necessity to have transparency with patients.  

Fortunately, there is software out there that can help you address the issue of lack of price transparency in medicine. One of the biggest examples of this is Greenway software. This is a solution that understands that cost can act as a huge hindrance to the acquisition of care for patients. So, keep reading to find out how important and beneficial transparency is. 

Why Drug Transparency Matters 

A common trend that is seen in the world of healthcare is that there are more patients that are not taking all of their medications. This makes it a growing concern that patients are not getting adequate care. This can have a lot of negative consequences for patients, due to their health. Not completing treatment can have dire consequences in the future. 

But what is causing this trend? It seems that a major reason for patients not filling out their prescriptions is that the price of the medicine is too high. This is one of the biggest reasons that patients are unable to medicate themselves for their treatment. They may feel like the cost is too high, or that it was so unexpected that they were not ready for the total price. 

One way that this tends to play out is that a patient goes to their doctor and gets a medicine prescribed to them. Next, they’ll want to go to a pharmacy to get their medicine. However, when they go to the pharmacy, they realize the price is far higher than what they expected it to be. This may prompt them to not even fill the medicine out and ignore the treatment. 

This raises an important question for doctors. What can they do to intervene? After all, you cannot take responsibility for the financial situation of your patient. However, you can work to be conscious and sensitive around the financial aspect of care for patients. The intervention that is offered by Greenway EMR software in this regard is to give them price transparency.  

Prescription Features From Greenway Software 

Greenway EHR software, as mentioned above, has a lot of tools catered to prescriptions. This also includes tools geared towards price transparency. The software helps you set up a workflow where you can be attuned to the perspective of patients. For example, when you prescribe medicines, you can give patients some crucial information about the drugs. 

For example, you get to give them an estimate of the cost. At the same time, you can also show the alternatives to the medicine that are available. This is a huge help if the cost of the medication is too high. Another important benefit that comes into play is the fact that the software also thinks about prior authorization and helps you make decisions about that.  

These features help patients and doctors work together and encourage collaboration towards the mutual goal of care. The patients benefit because they get to see the best drug options that are available to them. The doctors are also benefitting from this because they can then have patients who adhere to their treatment plans in the most effective way.  

Benefits Of Drug Transparency With Greenway Software 

There are a lot of benefits to Greenway software that are a huge asset to any practice. But even in terms of drug transparency, there are so many features and they have some really cool benefits as well. Here are the top benefits we have identified through our reading of the Greenway software reviews. Keep reading to learn more about each benefit! 

Cuts Patient Costs 

The most obvious and the main benefit of using price transparency is that it helps cut the cost that the patient has to undertake. The software helps providers see crucial information such as the costs that patients are expected to have when they go to the pharmacy. This gives them a chance to choose a medicine that works best with their budget.  

Improves Productivity 

The use of price transparency tools is important because it helps you have an efficient system in place. The prescription tools in general help you have a more productive workflow at your practice. The availability of a mechanism to address cost helps cut down a lot of steps such as calls to the pharmacy and makes things far more efficient.  

Creates Better Bonds 

One of the more underrated benefits of this kind of software is that helps build a better bond between the patient and doctor. In order to have a clear idea of what the cost of the drug will be, the patient needs to have an open conversation with their doctor. This helps to give them a stronger foundation to build a better bond and transparently share information.  

Aids Patient Education 

Another benefit of having price transparency tools is that it helps the patients have insight into what the cost of their prescription medication is. This is also helpful from the perspective of the doctor as it helps them stay updated with what the costs of a typical drug will be.  

Helps Engage Patients 

The last benefit we want to mention is that the price transparency tools will help patients feel far more engaged. This helps patients have greater satisfaction with their provider and the providers that they are going to. Ultimately, that is the point of good patient experiences. 

 Conclusion about Greenway

Based on what you have learned so far about Greenway software, you might want to learn more. You can then ask the software providers about some information, such as a demo.

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