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The world of medicine has come a long way in the last 200 years or so and many scientific discoveries have been made. From simply identifying and preventing sicknesses at the turn of the century to the more recent smart inhalers and robotic surgery, you would think that the world of medicine couldn’t progress much more, but it has, and will continue to do so.

One of the most recent and exciting discoveries related to medicine is the use of wireless and bluetooth technology. Forget your wireless speakers, earphones and computer mouse, wireless technology has now taken the medical world by a storm. Nebulizers, blood-glucose meters, and even pacemakers have all recently been revolutionized by the latest technologies, but what if this could be taken further? What if there were prescribed drugs with wireless capabilities?

The SmartTab™ is just that.

As the name suggests, the SmartTab™ is a tablet that is smart, or perhaps should we say technologically advanced well beyond the realms of imagination.

The SmartTab™ is an ingestible wireless drug delivery system, which provides safe and effective targeted drug delivery within the body.

The first question one might ask is why?

Simply put, quite often the drugs we take need to be taken at a specific time to be 100% effective. Because of the busy lives we lead, it is quite often the case that we can’t take medication exactly at the right time or we simply forget. In other cases, the timing of the drug requires it to be taken in the middle of the night, inconveniencing and disrupting sleep. Sometimes, the patient may need to take their drugs while traveling abroad, and with all the time differences and the hive of activity, timings are often inaccurate and/or a nuisance. And finally, each person is different, so when the ingested drugs are taken, the delivery time and time it takes to work can differ. All of the above can compromise how effective the drug is.

That aside, another reason why the SmartTab™ really is smart is because it also helps deliver the drug to exactly the right place that it’s needed. The body is a minefield of different areas and more often than not, conventional drugs just don’t reach the exact area of treatment, and as a result, the drug’s full effects aren’t achieved.

Every year, over $285 billion is lost because of patient non-compliance, which results in emergency room visits or extra physician appointments and more drugs. The SmartTab™ will save billions each year as far as health costs go, but this is not the most important aspect of it. Taking the correct amount of the drug at the right time and targeting the correct area of the body will ultimately improve a patient’s outcome. Therefore, the SmartTab™ is bound to  help people lead better and healthier lives.

But how does it work?

Once the prescribed drug and dosage is administered, it’s placed into an ingestible wireless capsule that the patient takes. Once the person has taken it and it has traveled down through the gastrointestinal tract, the medication is then released in the right area at the right time with the help of a few simple settings.

But the amazingness doesn’t stop here! Once the SmartTab™ is ready to be released into the system, the patient and physician receive a text message notification about it, so records are kept in order and no drug can be misused or forgotten.

From delivering drugs in a person’s sleep to possibly replacing injections for autoimmune conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, it would seem that the SmartTab™ has yet again revolutionized the world of medicine and proved that the future of digital healthcare is strong!

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