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In today’s age technology plays a large role in the educational and developmental process that children go through. Schools are implementing more educational learning that involves tablets, smartboards, television, and computer screens in order to teach children certain things. This comes at a cost for parents, who need to buy technology so that their children can continue their studies at home, but the good news is, technology is widely available to buy from stores such as sams club.

In this era, educators are finding it more efficient to reduce the amount of paper and books by replacing them with electronics. Raising a little one can be stressful especially if you don’t understand the new technology that will be used to teach them.

However, we have some tips that will help take a bit of the stress off of you as a new parent when it comes to the use of technology.

Use technology purposefully

Yes your children will find that a lot of their school work has now become as simple as logging onto a computer and taking a test then turning it in. As a parent it is important to teach your children to use technology purposefully and not just to take the power that comes with it carelessly.

Your children need to understand that the use of the internet is not just for them to mindlessly be entertained. It is to be used as an educational tool and that outside of school work they don’t need to mindlessly sit for hours on end using technology.

Do more than just monitor your kids

As a parent, it is important that you teach your children certain lessons when it comes to using technology and being responsible. Don’t just stand by as a future monitoring your children, instead play an active role in what exactly your child is doing when they are using technology.

It’s important that your children feel comfortable talking to you about what they are doing online. Parental control is the way to go for some parents and for others the route of talking to your children and teaching them responsibility creates a safer environment for your child and helps to build a stronger line of trust and communication when it comes to their use of technology.

Take time to learn the social platforms

The more you know about a topic the easier it is to educate your child about that topic. As parents we need to take the time to learn a lot the social platforms that our children will be using as they get older and begin going to school.

This doesn’t mean that you have to know everything about the social platform, but it is useful to know enough so that if your child needs your help or expertise you are able to give them the help they need. It will also keep you from being bamboozled by your child in case they try to be sneaky.

The reason for learning and understanding social platforms and other forms of technology is to keep your children safe. The world wide web is a dangerous place and while you can’t protect your child from every little thing you can ward off some foreseeable problems by simply understanding the technology that they are using.

Set rules

Help your children to understand that the use of technology shouldn’t be done without your consent. Meaning that they should respect the rules and guidelines you have set in place when it comes to their use of technology.

For some families that means a child is not allowed to use any form of technology until their homework is done and all of their chores are complete. While others state their children must read a book or play outside for a certain period of time before they are given access to electronics.

Whatever, guidelines you set into place for your family to guarantee that your children know that they don’t just have free range to use electronics whenever they want to. It will help to instill discipline and also helps them prioritize and get the important things done first before they are able to play with their electronics.


Taking time to implement the things we have discussed in this article will help your children to be more responsible as they are exposed to more electronics. We hope that this article proves hopeful to you and your family as a unit.

Trust us the result of implementing these things will take quite a bit of stress off of your shoulders when it comes to your child’s use of electronics.

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