Covid-19InterviewThe Critical Gaps & Key Tech Solutions Needed for The Successful Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Interview

Stephen Rosing, VP of Sales, ACCELQ®

It’s no surprise that the healthcare industry has to go through a major transformation that is now including the adoption of telehealth, e-prescriptions and video consultations. This has been talked about for years, but the bureaucracy of the existing healthcare system has hindered digital progress. Interestingly many healthcare organizations are not centralized nor managed in a technologically efficient manner. However, the COVID environment has accelerated healthcare’s much-needed digital transformation in different areas. To learn more, we conducted an interview with Stephen Rosing, VP of Sales, ACCELQ®.

1. Can you tell us more about AccelQ?

ACCELQ is the only cloud-based continuous testing platform that seamlessly automates API & web testing without writing a single line of code. Automation integrates with manual testing under one umbrella, making it possible for  teams to manage the QA lifecycle more effectively.

2. Is the healthcare industry going through major transformations? What are examples of such transformations?

Of course! One of the largest transformations we are seeing is a larger focus on telehealth operations.

However, there is a caveat to telehealth operational success, and it’s a significant one.

Any rosy digital patient engagement scenarios likely won’t become reality (at least anytime soon) unless healthcare IT departments conduct regular, automated software testing that clears the path for full-bore telehealth products and services.

The good news? Quality assurance outcomes are achievable with regular data software testing, in the form of test automation.

3, Why are many healthcare organizations still not centralized nor managed in a technologically efficient manner?

Timing and the lack of an easy-to-use digital solution. Historically, health care industry administrators staffers take days to gather, review and disseminate patient records data.

Now, systems administrators can run quality control testing programs at speeds that are multitudes faster than manual software testing modes. That translates into quicker patient engagements deliveries with telehealth services – often in minutes – while significantly reducing cost-intensive errors in the process.

4. Why do you think COVID-19 helped in accelerating healthcare’s much-needed digital transformation?

COVID-19 forced us to take a more digital approach in everything from manual database entry, to telehealth. It made us re-think the way we look at health and health systems and look for efficiencies in both time savings and accuracy.

5. Can you give me a case study example of a healthcare org that has benefited from your services?

Our solutions have been leveraged to shorten the time it takes to new and needed applications into the hands of health industry customers.  Accuracy is key in medical applications and manually testing an application is both time consuming and prone to error.  Automation speeds the process while adding auditable and repeatable validations of the logic and the data in these applications.   Our customers have seen both reduced testing times as well as increased application quality.

 6. In which main areas did such digital transformation occur?

The application development process was transformed by implementing earlier and more thorough testing.

7. What digital health applications do you think will be mostly required amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

Data management and analytics applications such as contact tracking and processes management will be critical

8. Where do you see digital transformation in healthcare organizations in the next 5-years?

COVID-19 has been a huge wake up call to the industry to optimize its development processes.  Bottlenecks caused by manual processes will continue to be minimized through digital transformation.

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