GeneralRoad Trip Must-Haves for Summer Riding

Hit the road with your favorite two-wheeled ride. If you’re itching for a long summer road trip or hitting the highway for a day trip, find out how to find all the gear you need. From the best motorcycle jackets to state-of-the-art motorcycle tech, here are the must-haves for your next summer ride.

How To Successfully Online Shop for Road Trip Essentials

Online shopping can be a great way to gear up for your next trip. Don’t let a huge selection of gear overwhelm you. Use a leading online store for convenient navigation. Here are some of the most important elements to add to your shopping list as you determine the best way to hit the pavement.

Plenty of Layers

Temperatures can vary dramatically on a road trip, particularly if you’re headed north or south. Layer up with the best motorcycle jacket, vest, riding pants and other clothing for the road. This will keep you cozy from chilly mornings to blistering afternoons.

Check out motorcycle helmets online to find a comfortable one with plenty of ventilation. A full face helmet can insulate you from the wind and other elements. Be sure yours has plenty of ventilation to stay cool.

First-Aid Kit

Accidents always seem to happen when you’re away from home. Don’t head out for your trip without the right protection. A first-aid kit can save you in the event of a serious scrape or an inconvenient cut. Put together a motorcycle first-aid kit that also includes a patch kit and other bike repair products. Pack the right protection whether you’re alone in the wilderness or hopping between cities on the interstate.


It’s all fun and games until you’re lost and miles from your destination. Hands-free phone holders and GPS devices keep you on the right trail when you’re in unfamiliar territory. Your road trip is enough of an adventure without becoming lost.


Talking to your fellow riders can be a great way to pass the time. If you’re traveling solo, a Bluetooth communicator is still a great investment. These innovative devices allow you to stream your favorite music and call up your friends to make them jealous of your unforgettable ride.

Lightweight Camping Essentials

Pack the food, tent, sleeping bag and other gear you need to hit the hay wherever your wheels stop for the night. Even the most spacious saddlebags fill up quickly. Choose your gear carefully to be sure you have all the space you need by investing in lightweight, quality camping gear.

Shop for saddlebags and other motorcycle storage gear. You don’t want to overload your ride, but a few dedicated storage bags can make a huge difference. Pack items in a waterproof bag to avoid sleeping in a wet sleeping bag at the end of a rainy day.

Motorcycle Gear That’s Good for Both Long and Short Rides

Choose gear that you can use for any road trip. The best street bike helmets and other gear can come in handy whether you’re planning a casual ride around the city or a coast-to-coast road trip. Adventure the right way by shopping online and selecting quality gear at affordable prices.

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