GeneralThe 3 Best Tricks To Sleep When You Have Back Pain

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things that we can do for ourselves. When you have a bad back it is very difficult to get to sleep and stay asleep. Which makes your back pain even worse. This creates a negative feedback loop that is hard to rebound from.

If you are suffering from back pain then you definitely need to have it treated by a specialist like Broadmead Physiotherapy. Once you have a treatment plan, you will also need to be working on getting a good night’s sleep. In this article, we will go over the things you need to do to be able to sleep when you have a bad back.

1 – Do some stretching before bed

Stretching is going to help loosen your muscles and get more comfortable. On its own, this isn’t going to make it right for you to get some sleep. But it should be the first step so you are able to find some relief when you get into bed.

You can try products like orthopedic back stretcher that are very beneficial. There are also some great yoga stretches that will warm up your muscles and reduce the inflammation that is likely causing your back pain.

Then, you can use some heat directly applied to the area as you go to bed to get some relief.

2 – Find the right mattress

Your mattress is going to play a very big part when it comes to your back pain getting better or worse. The problem is that your back needs support, but your pressure points need to sink into the mattress. This means that you have to find the right balance between soft and firm.

If your back is out of alignment then it is going to continue to hurt or even get worse. The trick is to find one that will push up at your back and allow your hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress.

Look for ones that offer different firmness based on zones so that you can keep your spine in perfect alignment.

3 – Sleep on your side

The worst position to sleep in is on your stomach. This will put your spine in complete and total misalignment. Sleeping on your back is better than on your stomach but it is not ideal since your spine may not be as aligned as possible.

Sleeping on your side is ideal since it will allow your shoulders and hips to sink into the mattress and your spine to be supported creating a completely straight back. This is assuming that you’ve found the right mattress that is.

You can even put a pillow between your legs when sleeping on your side to make sure that you have perfect alignment. There are specialized pillows for this exact thing so look for them at a health supply store.

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