Artificial IntelligenceHealth ITTeselaGen BioTech CEO Eduardo Abeliuk on the Future of AI

By Dr Eduardo Abeliuk

Dr. Eduardo Abeliuk is a U.S. based entrepreneur and technologist with over twenty years of experience driving technology development and innovation at various high-tech companies in the US. He is currently the Chairman and CEO at TeselaGen Biotech., a Silicon Valley based company that works at the interface between Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Software. Dr. Abeliuk holds a double bachelor’s degree in Physics and in Electrical Engineering from University of Chile, a M.S. in Bioengineering, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. His academic work has been published by prestigious journals and he holds multiple U.S. patents on computational biology and AI.

What are the 5 things that most excite you about the AI industry?

  1. New scientific discoveries: AI has the potential to unveil new scientific discoveries in many fields, including biotech. For example, AI can be used to analyze large datasets of molecular structures and predict which compounds are most likely to be effective as drugs. This can significantly accelerate the drug discovery process and enable the development of new treatments for diseases.
  2. Enhanced productivity: AI can be used to automate a number of repetitive tasks allowing humans to free up their time for other activities. AI can also generate actionable recommendations so that humans can enhance their productivity much faster.
  3. Enhanced human experiences: AI can be used to enhance many existing human experiences. For example, AI can be used to enhance the visual and auditory components of human experiences through augmented reality. This can enable more immersive and interactive experiences, such as in gaming or education.
  4. Novel human experiences: AI can be used to create completely novel human experiences, unthinkable before. For example by using state-of-the-art deep learning techniques, AI can be used to render unimaginable photorealistic movies and speech, music, art, and storylines that can be personalized based on individual preferences.
  5. Increased safety: AI can be used to increase safety. For example, AI can be used to help prevent accidents on the road, or at the workforce, by monitoring risky human activities or by preventing equipment failures.

What are the 5 things that concern you about the AI industry?

  1. Bias: The power of AI systems is defined by the datasets and models that were used to train them in the first place. If the datasets or designs contain certain biases, the AI models would also lead us to biased decisions that can be even reinforced and amplified over time, leading to negative outcomes for certain groups of people.
  2. Lack of explainability in AI: many AI models can be regarded as “black-boxes” and it is difficult to explain how these models reach certain results. The “explainability” of these results is important if we want to hold the developers and users of these models accountable for the impact of the algorithms.
  3. Concentration of power: Some of the most powerful AI algorithms and datasets are concentrated in the hands of a few large institutions. This concentration of power can raise concerns about monopolistic practices by such institutions.
  4. Misuse by authoritarian regimes: AI-powered surveillance systems could be used by authoritarian regimes to monitor and control their population.
  5. Finally, an eventual misalignment that can rise between the objective of AI algorithms and our objective as human species. If the goals given to an AI system are poorly specified, and as AI systems become more complex and autonomous, these AI systems might optimize for these goals in ways that could be harmful for the human species.

About TeselaGen Biotechnology Inc.

TeselaGen is building an artificial intelligence-powered enterprise platform for designing, building, testing, and optimizing biological systems. TeselaGen’s cloud-based platform bridges the gap between good ideas and the realization of valuable products like vaccines, biologic medicines, and sustainably sourced chemicals.

TeselaGen is privately held and is based in the software hub of Silicon Valley, CA. The company has received early recognition in the form of four US National Science Foundation funding awards, a US Department of Energy funding award, CORFO awards, and a Bio-IT World Best Practices Award. TeselaGen uses its proprietary Synthetic Evolution® technology for efficient rapid prototyping and editing of recombinant molecules. Follow TeselaGen on Twitter and LinkedIn and learn more at TeselaGen.com.

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