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Erbis is amongst the top rated Software engineering companies that have been relevant to the software development trends. The tech trends and advancement will keep benefiting the developers and clients for a long time in the future. And Erbis as the renowned Software engineering company has their own way to respond to these trends.

When it comes to the software development trends, it has things to do with the advancement of new technology and methods of applications. And these technologies have brought the IT industry to become more massive and demanded.

According to Erbis Software engineering company, it is important to position ourselves to see the real perks of these innovations and how it can change the way people do the businesses. Without further ado, let’s see the most popular trends and tips which happen this year and after.

Blockchain will disrupt every sector of businesses

The disruption of blockchain has been significant for the last ten years.  It does not only disrupt the financial industry, but also other pivotal industries like the health care, hospitality, restaurants, retail, supply chain, food chain, IT, and so on. In some countries, the blockchain has been more relevant for the monetary value transfers. Erbis Software engineering company has lines of clients companies who are moving toward the blockchain, or at least adopting it as one of their technologies.

The existence of Progressive Web Apps

The Progressive web apps or folks simply call it PWAs. The PWAs offer the medium for the users to use the mobile app like as it is native through the web. The PWAs allow the users to use the app features without having to download the real app to their mobile devices.

The PWAs can also run on the tablets, mobiles, and other devices without any hassle. PWAs will have more significant positive influences toward the mobile app industry in the coming years.

Cloud Computing

The Orbis Software engineering Erbis company has been suffering the cloud computing services since the day 1 of establishment. But the evolution of cloud computing has been noticed just recently. From year to year, there is an increasing number of the enterprises who use the hybrid to the serverless cloud computing solutions to help them with the core operations and apps. Cloud computing, in most practices, offers much safer, cost-effective, and speedy solutions.

The cloud service provider offers various cloud solutions that are tailored based on the types of business. There are many enterprise apps which are deployed on the cloud. and if these companies are not ready to move their resources and infrastructure fully to the cloud, they can use both of the options (cloud and on-premise) or we can simply call it a hybrid cloud solution. Erbis Software engineering company is one of the pioneers in this technology.

The Low code development trend

Low code development is not actually a new thing. Even Erbis has been familiar with the practice from 2015. However, the first appearance of this type of software development was back in 2011.

There is software for supporting the low code development which allows the professionals to the average person to develop the apps for businesses using pre-written codes. That means they don’t need to write the code from scratch, rather relying on the automatic code generation, drag-and-drop elements, as well as visual aids. Not only beneficial for non-technical people, sthe low code development is also relevant to renowned software engineering companies like Erbis.

It helps a lot in the development process, covering the bases, and cuts down the production time in a more significant way. The low code development helps the prolific scale of software engineering like Erbis to speed up the progress so that it will also help the businesses to quickly launch their apps.

The software development acceleration by the help of AI

Erbis Software engineering company is moving toward the software development acceleration in relevance to the Artificial Intelligence roles in the IT industry. We have noticed that for the past five years, Artificial Intelligence has come up to the surface and been more familiar to the end-users party. The AI most significant examples are the automatic voice calls, voicemails, digital assistants, chatbots, and even the self-driving cars on the road.

No matter how we look into it, AI has managed to disrupt the conventional industries such as ecommerce, health care, as well as hospitality.

Now it is easy to expose the benefits of the voice user interfaces to all of the concerned parties. A giant company like Yahoo has been using AI to analyze and assess the large amount of data and tweak their products as well. By the end of 2020, there will be tons of unicorns who will use conversational speech tech aided by AI for improving their customer engagement.

Microservices will be the usual stuff (some already)

In many places, the microservices have become more mainstream than before. Erbis seniors have also emphasized the great advantages of microservices over the monolith.

A live streaming service, for instance, comes with the microservices which the users can choose based on their preferences. So, rather than getting the expensive monolith service like cable TV or satellite subscription, the microservices in live streaming platforms are more preferable.

Many businesses have also realized about this customer behavior. That explains why Erbis Software engineering company is also proficient in the microservices solutions.

The commercetools microservices architecture allows businesses to make necessary changes to meet the market demands. The benefits of commercetools’ microservices include improved security, lesser time to market of new features, seamless implementation process, flexibility, and easier outsourcing.

The advanced reality

Erbis seniors and staff embrace the advancement of mixed reality from VR – Virtual Reality and AR – Augmented Reality. According to Erbis Statistics, the market size of the mixed reality will be significantly rising from 2020 to the next five years. And by the 2025 years, the mixed reality which combined from AR and VR will be the usual stuff for everyone in the various industries.

The AR and VR have been on the hype for the last decade, but only emerged to the surface from 2015. Erbis has dispatched their AR and VR developers in large numbers from 2015 up to this year. And they don’t see it stop from coming in the future.

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