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Colloidal silver is a great option that many holistic practitioners recommend to their patients to keep them healthy and even to heal wounds. In fact, this is such a good option to use that it is seen as one of the most underrated antimicrobial options out there. While you can go to your doctor and receive some antibiotics, these will cause resistance to bacteria if you use them too much. This is not the case with colloidal silver. Let’s take a look at what colloidal silver is and how it is one of the most underrated antimicrobials that has ever been.

What is Colloidal Silver?

To start, we need to explore what colloidal silver is all about. This solution is water that contains small parts (only a nanometer), of suspended silver. The total silver content will be expressed in this as milligrams of silver per liter of water, written out as mg/L. We can see this being the same as parts per million as well.

There are a lot of development in Silver today. Some have been added to creams already and some incorporate DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) for less sting and paid while still speeding up healing. Some products, such as Scalar Silver, combine Nano and Colloidal Silver in order to fuse the potency of both types which helps support, strengthen and boost a person’s immune system.

Silver is a unique element that many holistic doctors and practitioners will spend a lot of time discussing the use of silver for their patients. In fact, this type of silver has been used for the past 6000 years to help prevent infections and it is effective against almost every organism tested. It has even gone further than this, playing an important role when it comes to developing radiology while improving wound healing.

The Benefits

There are a number of benefits we will see when it comes to colloidal silver and using it in our daily lives. It has a direct effect on a process known as cellular respiration, helping to benefit the body in numerous ways, and can be used in different medical situations. Some of the healing properties associated with colloidal silver include:

Antimicrobial and Antibacterial

One of the best benefits that come with using colloidal silver is that it can be a great antibiotic to use on the skin. This silver, unlike a lot of the prescription medications that you may get from your doctor, does not create any immunity or resistance to the organisms that it is trying to kill off. This makes the colloidal silver more effective than working with some of the common medications that are used.

How many times do we go on an antibiotic and have to toe the line between using it enough to kill off the bacteria, but not too long that we build up a resistance and it never works for us again?

This is something that happens with many medications that we decide to use from our doctors. But when we use colloidal silver, we do not need to worry about this resistance showing up at all. This can make it a better option to work with.

Wound Care

Because colloidal silver is such a good antimicrobial, it can be used to help with healing wounds. It is a good option to help when you apply it topically to treat burns, thrush, periodontitis, and some other conditions. For example, this type of silver has been used to treat ringworm because it is antifungal. You can use this to treat a lot of other wounds and issues in the body due to all of the antibacterial features found inside. It can be more effective than many other medications that you may try.

This type of silver can help with a variety of skin conditions as well because of the antimicrobial properties. You can use this silver to benefit skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis. The silver is soothing to scrapes and will repair damage to the tissues that may happen with burns. When used topically, it can help with burns.

Colloidal silver is a great antimicrobial to work with to help with a variety of issues. You can use it for all of the options that we talked about before, along with ear infections and pink eye. And it does so while being safe to the body and not causing harm or damage to the body like other medications can. While a lot of traditional doctors will not use this option at all because they don’t understand how it works or feels that it is ineffective. However, the benefits to working with colloidal silver outweighs the negative notion that surrounds with this amazing element.

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