HealthcareSigns That you Aren’t Taking Care of Your Feet

There are big clues that you aren’t giving your feet enough care and attention. In fact, you may be doing more damage than good. If you’re wondering if you’re downright cruel to your feet, here are some clear signs that something is wrong and how you can improve your approach to foot care.


These painful problems are a sign that your shoes don’t fit properly. Blisters are often caused by friction. They crop up when your skin rubs against the insides of your shoe for long periods. Blisters also appear in moist environments, so sweaty or wet shoes can be catalysts.

Athlete’s Foot

The condition tinea pedis — more commonly known as Athlete’s foot— is a fungal infection that covers your feet with rashes and/or peeling skin that can itch or burn. You can get the fungus by walking barefoot in public spaces like locker rooms, swimming pools and showers.

Much like blisters, Athlete’s foot thrives in moist conditions. Wearing wet or sweaty shoes for long stretches also heightens the risk of developing it.


You shouldn’t be dealing with soreness, swelling and pain every single time you take off your shoes. The style of your footwear could be the direct cause.

Say you like to wear six-inch pointed-toed high heels. The steep heel forces you to put your body weight onto the balls of your feet. The pointed-toe crushes your toes. After a few hours, both of your feet are going to feel awful. In the long-run, this type of shoe can lead to foot problems like Achilles Tendinitis— this is when the Achilles tendon becomes inflamed, swollen and painful to the touch.

 What is proper foot care?

The first way to feel good about your feet and to protect them from uncomfortable skin or musculoskeletal conditions is to get appropriate footwear. Start by making sure they’re the right kind of shoe with arch-support and cushioning. This means that you should try to get rid of flats, flip-flops, high heels and narrow pointed-toes.

 If you want to get a stylish heel or dress shoe, don’t worry — your options are wider than running shoes. There are orthopaedic shoes that are incredibly fashionable, without being harmful to your feet.

 Find a pair that’s in the right size. Get them measured before you try anything on. Check the toe box to see if there’s plenty of room for your toes to wiggle.

 Try to keep your shoes as dry as possible. If you go to the gym a lot, get several pairs of running shoes that you can rotate throughout the week. When you’re finished your workout, give the shoes time to dry and sprinkle in baking soda to tackle odour. If they’re soaking wet from puddles or rain, you can dry your wet shoes using newspaper — you risk ruining the pair when you throw them into a hot dryer instead.

You use your feet every single day, so you want them to stay in great shape. When you practice proper foot care, you prioritize your physical comfort, health and well-being.

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