GeneralRevolutionary Vital Sign Monitoring for Seniors from Pontosense

Do you have an aging parent? Are you worried they won’t receive the medical care they deserve as they experience age-related changes?

Whether your loved ones decide to age in place at home or move to a retirement home, Pontosense‘s revolutionary new technology can alert caregivers and staff of problems in real-time. This solution does not involve cameras or wearable devices. Indeed, it’s nearly invisible. There’s no better way to monitor vital signs for seniors.

Senior vital signs Pontosense measures

As caretakers and medical professionals already know, tracking these vital signs is a critical component of elder care. Most healthcare facilities and retirement homes assess patients’ condition by conducting hourly rounds, taking the measurements manually, and noting the numbers down in their files. On the other hand, Pontosense’s solution is always on, always working, and always providing data about every patient’s vital signs.

Pulse rate, respiration, and more

Pontosense measures not only heart rate and heart rate variability, but also respiratory rate on a continual basis. It can also be used to monitor the patient’s gait.

In addition, main vital signs like these enable the system to extrapolate information about the patient’s stress levels and mental health conditions. This means caretakers and staff can always rely on a live picture of patients’ overall health, including their emotional state.

Monitor vital signs flawlessly

Caretakers and healthcare providers also don’t need to worry that someone might have been skipped due to human error. Fast, reliable, and accurate monitoring of current vital signs like this becomes particularly important in the event of a medical emergency.

Tracking respiration and pulse rate to respond fast to emergencies

If an anomaly emerges in someone’s respiration — perhaps someone struggles for their next breath — Pontosense’s system can raise the alarm without delay. If a patient’s heart rate suddenly becomes erratic, the system flags cardiovascular issues and potential heart failure.

What about body temperature, oxygen saturation, or high blood pressure? Pontosense’s metrics provide a comprehensive baseline that can prompt healthcare providers to investigate further if a given patient’s condition demonstrates cause for concern. A high heart rate, for instance, could suggest either hypertension or hypotension.

Assisting seniors as fast as possible

With the unwavering support of Pontosense’s AI, patients don’t even need to apprehend their own distress, decide to ask for help, and be able to function well enough to hit a panic button. With this kind of remote monitoring, the system automatically signals measurements outside the normal range, so that human staff can act instantly. Whether or not the individual might be reluctant to seek attention becomes irrelevant.

“Every second counts when responding to medical conditions,” says Muxin Ma, COO of Pontosense. “Being able to get accurate readings and catch medical emergencies fast is particularly important for elderly people, since chronic conditions are common in older populations.”

Catching falls

One of the most important potential health issues Pontosense is designed to catch is falling. When elderly patients fall, the impact can have severe negative consequences.

“With older adults, a fall can even prove fatal,” Ma says. “Patients on medications like blood thinners, which prevent the blood from clotting, are particularly at risk. Just one fall can change someone’s life forever. Situations like this highlight the importance of ongoing support in real-time.”

Remote monitoring heightens security

Pontosense also works as an advanced security system, since it records the vitals of everyone in the room. If someone infiltrates the home who isn’t supposed to be there, the system can’t be cajoled, bribed, or persuaded. These vital signs are objective evidence of an intruder, and the AI will report them to those responsible for the patient’s care and create a record of their presence.

Due to Pontosense’s unflagging dedication, patients are always protected in numerous ways, from their breaths per minute to their beats per minute, and according to every other impact vital signs may indicate.

How Pontosense vital signs monitoring for age-related changes works

Pontosense combines cutting-edge sensors with AI to monitor patients’ health status and spot any warning signs. These sensors are so sensitive that they can measure resting heart rate, changes in pulse, heart rate variability, and respiratory rate with medical-grade precision that healthcare providers expect. “Our equipment can detect movement of only 0.2 millimeters,” Ma affirms.

Moreover, Pontosense’s sensors can take these measurements from nine meters away — that’s much larger than most rooms in residences. “Imagine an area roughly one-third of the length of a basketball court,” Ma explains. “You only need one sensor in any given patient’s room and common areas. If you need home monitoring, you just need one in each space they use.”

Pontosense is indetectable and hassle-free

Since Pontosense’s sensors and AI don’t get tired or have to sleep, the system shields patients all day, every day, without pause. The sensor itself simply plugs into an outlet. The only time a technician needs to visit the home or facility is during the initial installation. After that, all updates occur wirelessly without the need for caregivers’ attention.

“What patients tend to appreciate most is that they never have to wear any devices,” Ma says. “Nobody enjoys feeling like they’ve been tagged. That goes for people at retirement homes as well as people at home. Plus, they don’t have to worry about being watched or judged — there are no cameras.”

The future is Pontosense

Whether you are responsible for an elderly population or are a senior yourself, Pontosense is the best way to track your vital signs and monitor your health. Pontosense ensures continuous coverage that promotes fast response times and the best outcomes possible. For this reason, Pontosense’s innovative approach promises to improve senior care wherever it is adopted.

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