GeneralOur Guide to Firework Safety

With firework celebrations occurring every year, there is always strict rules and guidelines to abide by for your safety. Many firework celebrations still end in injury for many spectators, and that includes children.

Where Is the Best Place to Enjoy Firework Displays?

Firework celebrations are fun family occasions to enjoy and shouldn’t be tainted with poor safety regulations. Despite the ability to buy fireworks online and host your displays in the comfort of your own home, statistics suggest the safest place to enjoy fireworks is at large public displays where there is less risk for injury. Far fewer people are injured than at small family events or private parties. That’s mainly due to public events having the right experts who handle the fireworks with care and safety regulations in mind.

How To Enjoy Fireworks at Home?

If hosting your firework display at home, it’s important to follow the Firework Code and safety tips for bonfires and sparklers.

When hosting firework displays at home, the setting up, lighting and safe disposal of fireworks should all be handled with care by adults. All adults who take responsibility for the firework display mustn’t be under the influence of alcohol. Plus, children should be constantly supervised to ensure their safety while watching and enjoying the firework display at a safe distance. A few tips for encouraging a safe firework display at home include:

  • Planning a schedule for your display to make it safe and check when you can legally set fireworks off in your area.
  • Only buy certified fireworks and read and follow instructions carefully.
  • When lighting fireworks, be sure to do this with a taper at arm’s length, standing well back. Avoid having naked flames, such as cigarettes nearby, and NEVER return to a firework once it has been lit.
  • Show caution over the type of fireworks you invest in. For example, rocket fireworks should be directed away from spectators.
  • Make sure your space is left mess and fire-free before concluding the display.

How To Be Safe with Sparklers?

Sparklers are a household favourite when it comes to firework celebrations. They are also popular at wedding receptions and other special occasions. They are often mistaken for being harmless, but sparklers can burn at severe temperatures. Therefore, it’s essential to follow these safety tips:

  • It’s essential to ensure that everyone is wearing gloves when handling sparklers, as this will help prevent burn accidents. They are not suitable for children under the age of 5, and they shouldn’t be held while you carry a baby.
  • When holding a sparkler, have it at arm’s length and wave them close to other people.
  • Once finished, set up a bucket of cold water for safe sparkler disposal as they can remain hot for some time after burning.

Bonfire safety:

Bonfires are best enjoyed at public firework events, but should you wish to host a small one at home, then here are a few safety tips:

  • One or two adults should be responsible for it, and children must be constantly supervised. Loose clothing is advised, and long hair should be tied back.
  • Bonfires must be set up in an open space, away from wooden fences, sheds, and guests.
  • Never use petrol or paraffin to light a bonfire as these can cause unexpected flare-ups. It is best to use firelighters.
  • Always keep a bucket of water nearby in case of an accident. Use this to pour on the fire after the party, rather than leaving a fire to burn out on its own.

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