GeneralOnline vs. Offline – How Much Time Should You Spend on Your Instagram Presence

By Maria Curreri

There are way too many facts, true and false, surrounding Instagram and social media in general.

It’s becoming harder to decipher what’s wrong and what’s right. Luckily, there are still reliable resources to help you figure out what’s an actual fact, and what’s, well, just a hyped-up myth. When it comes to Instagram and the many myths that have emerged over the years, it seems that the new myth occurs daily. If you’re looking for a useful myth-busting guide on everything Instagram, you can find more info here.

Similarly, so many different theories about the time you should spend growing your Instagram presence have taken root. And it can get overwhelming trying to keep up with the fast-paced Instagram environment and develop a healthy balance between your online and offline time. Luckily there are companies like BuzzVoice where you can simply purchase Instagram followers or likes without wasting any of your time to improve your Instagram presence.

Let’s dive into the issue and help you figure out how much time you should actually spend building and managing your Instagram presence. 

Active vs. passive Instagram time

First things first, let’s draw a clear distinction between mindless scrolling and taking real action to improve your IG presence. Because one has nothing to do with the other. 

Sure, the shiny, exciting content on Instagram can lure you in, and before you know it, you end up spending 2 hours looking at cute animal profiles, while your DM is full of unanswered messages. 

Active Instagram time means spending time actively working on your content, answering comments, DMs, and looking for ways to improve your overall engagement. 

Once you can restrict your passive Instagram time to 5 minutes after work, just to relax, get some new ideas, and devote your work hours to work on your Instagram account actively, you’ll notice the difference. And, most importantly, it won’t feel like time wasted. 

Work time vs. Instagram time

But, what if your work time doesn’t involve Instagram time? What if you’re busy running your business and juggling thousands of tasks, and managing your Instagram presence is just one small item on the list?

This is, unfortunately, the reality many small business owners and influencers are facing nowadays. And, in most cases, it results in poorly and rarely updated Instagram profiles. 

Yet, it doesn’t actually have to be your reality. While running your business or working on your nine-to-five should be your top priority, maintaining a strong Instagram presence is still possible, and it doesn’t require that much time. 

With the right mindset and organization, you can stay on top of your posting schedule and respond to every single DM and comment. 

Create a routine. For example, you can start your day by replying to DMs over coffee. Use a couple of minutes off your lunch break to check for new comments, and add an additional evening hour to content planning. Devote another hour or two over the weekend to building connections, and you’re good to go. 

Pro tip: Look into different software and IG growth services that can help you automate specific tasks and practically manage your Instagram presence on autopilot

Which brings us to the final dilemma…

The bot vs. genuine connections

While there are some solid arguments against using bots to support your Instagram efforts, there’s a massive advantage to using an Instagram followers service like Growthoid in terms of time management.

Sure, there are plenty of fake and completely useless services that bring more harm than good, but the right set of Instagram auto liker without login tools and human-like AI can give you an excellent balance. 

The point is, most Instagram users can see through the fake comments and likes. Using a service like this may seem like a time-saver, but it actually sinks your efforts and your Instagram image. Undoubtedly, replying to comments and DMs should be done by a real human, and include a genuine, natural response. 

That said, you shouldn’t knock all the options out there. The market has really grown, offering some excellent solutions that can automate only the minor stuff, and do it behind the scenes, in the most natural, human-like behavior. Combined with scheduling tools and hashtag research generators, these services can save up a ton of your time while leaving your Instagram image intact. And you still get to be in charge of everything and work on building genuine connections and relatable content. You’ll find with this that the more effort you put into working on your page and posting content, the larger your following should become – so it’s a win win! If in any case you find your following isn’t so great, there are other services out there that you can take advantage of like Combin who can help bump up your following. So overall, there are many perks to getting some extra help!

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