Digital HealthFeaturedMymee: Empowering People With Autoimmune Diseases To Take Back Control Of Their Health

Mymee is a 100% remote, digital care program designed to help people suffering from  autoimmune disease or COVID long haul to reclaim their health.

The company was founded after CEO Mette Dyhrberg realized she needed to take her chronic health issues into her own hands. By the age of 30, Mette had been diagnosed with six different autoimmune diseases, yet doctors were themselves befuddled and had few answers outside of medication.

Today, Mette lives a healthy and largely symptom-free lifestyle, and is committed to helping others successfully do the same to reclaim their health with Mymee.

The Problem With “One Size Fits All”

It’s estimated that nearly 4% of the global population suffers with one or more of the more than 80 different autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune disease happens when the immune system overreacts and attacks the body’s own cells, leading to a range of debilitating symptoms that affect quality of life.

While each case of autoimmunity is different, a common thread between them is that any number of triggers – including diet, stress, light, viruses or contaminants – can lead to a flare in symptoms. Because triggers vary from person to person, there is no catchall “one size fits all” solution that is able to adequately address the unique health needs of every individual.

This is where Mymee comes in.

The truth is, no one understands your body better than you. Mymee, by combining   personalized data analytics and one-on-one  health coaching, teaches clients how to identify their own triggers and patterns to regain control of their health.

Mymee’s program combines a customized mobile app with virtual one-on-one coaching to help people identify their triggers and reduce symptoms.

The Power of  Personalized Trigger Identification in Autoimmune Disease

One of the primary features of the Mymee program is an intuitive  mobile app powered to identify potential correlations between diverse sets of triggers and symptoms. The app is custom-tailored to capture a wealth of important data points about each client’s  diet and lifestyle  — from meals and water intake to symptoms and more.

Mymee makes it simple for anyone to record their symptoms or trigger data in their app as quickly as within five minutes a day.  Each client is assigned a personal health coach certified on Mymee’s data platform and dedicated to “solving” each client’s unique case by guiding incremental diet and lifestyle changes informed by real-time data and analysis. All of Mymee’s health coaches have personal experience overcoming their own chronic autoimmunity issues.

As data is collected, Mymee health coaches are able to help clients zero in on their patterns and strategize on how to prevent triggers to reduce their autoimmune disease symptoms.

Fighting COVID-19 Long Haul in 2021 and Beyond

Today, Mymee is taking yet another step to address the immediate needs of another group of people struggling with autoimmunity issues.

It’s estimated that anywhere between 10% and 35% of people who have had COVID-19 may develop what has become known as COVID long haul (or “post COVID syndrome”) in some capacity—meaning they will battle long-term symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, joint or muscle pain, shortness of breath and others.

Independent research has shown that many of these symptoms are commonly found in patients with autoimmune diseases, pointing to a connection between COVID-19 and autoimmunity.

In June 2020, after working in close partnership  with Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, Mymee moved quickly to develop a digital self-care program dedicated to helping those with COVID long haul.

The program builds on Mymee’s track record and commercially validated autoimmune disease program, to provide the first digital self-care solution for long COVID. Long haulers benefit from personalized tools, ongoing guidance and dedicated support as they learn to navigate their triggers, reduce symptoms and ultimately, reclaim their  health.

Whether you’re suffering from one or more autoimmune diseases or COVID long haul symptoms, consider enrolling in one of Mymee’s personalized care programs today and start regaining control of your health and wellbeing!

Mymee is offering a free consult for individuals seeking support for their long-haul symptoms.  To learn more about getting started click here.

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