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Kyros is a first of its kind digital platform for the recovery community which is harnessing the power of technology to tackle the epidemic of substance use in our country. Kyros helps those in recovery access a network of treatment providers while also helping them stay on track with tailored support. Their services also offer support for organizations and specialists dedicating their time to helping people manage their recovery. Some of these services include streamlining the process of billing and assisting with insurance claims.

To learn more about Kyros, we conducted an interview with Founder and CEO Daniel Larson, a 15-year tech industry veteran who launched Kyros after personal experience with substance use disorder.

Daniel Larson, CEO and Founder of Kyros

1. Why is substance use considered an epidemic in the country?

It’s no secret that the statistics around substance use disorder (SUD) are staggering in the US. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), in 2021 over 30 million Americans struggled with substance use disorder and another 60 million engaged in risky patterns of use with alcohol and/or drugs. It is also reported that of those suffering from an SUD more than 90% are not receiving adequate treatment, often because they lack access or have difficulty navigating existing treatment options. This is absolutely a huge issue in this country.

2. Do you think the lockdowns that occurred because of COVID-19 contributed to such epidemic? 

It is a fact that lockdowns contributed to this epidemic. The CDC reported that during the first full year of the pandemic in the U.S. ending April 2021, more than 99,000 people died from drug overdoses. This represents an increase of nearly 30% from the 77,000 who died in the previous 12 months. Overdose deaths in the United States were already increasing prior to the pandemic, with synthetic opioids playing a large role. Factors related to the pandemic, such as social isolation, stress, and decreased access to substance use disorder treatment and emergency services made the problem worse.

3. Can you tell us more about Kyros?

Kyros’ mission is to increase positive outcomes for the millions of Americans managing their own recovery or dedicating their lives to helping others find support and wellbeing throughout the recovery journey. It is the first digital platform bringing providers, clients and recovery organizations together into a virtual marketplace. Kyros helps those in recovery access a network of treatment providers and support organizations tailored to their individual needs. Their services also offer support for organizations and specialists dedicating their time to helping people manage their recoveries. The pioneering digital interface provides tailored experiences for clients by fostering connections in person and online with providers, and streamlines access to business services like liability insurance, billing, payments, technology, and clinical supervision. All of these features lead to increased accessibility to treatment, more provider capacity to meet the urgent need and improved efficacy of treatments.

4. What motivated you to start Kyros??

My career path grew organically from personal and professional experience. Throughout my life I’ve seen close family members fight addiction and sadly several of them did not make it. I started my own recovery journey in 2019 and that is when I saw an opportunity to take the skills that I’d learned working in tech in workforce solution platforms and bring that experience into the recovery industry which has historically been underserved by technology. I saw that there was an opportunity to support the recovery space by merging the community’s various stakeholders through technology, which has been essential in developing modern solutions to solve big problems in various industries. The result for the recovery industry is Kyros. I saw there was a tremendous opportunity to help a lot of people in recovery using technology and knew it could be a game changer.

5. Why in Minnesota

I was born and raised in Minnesota, and it is my home. I care deeply about this community which has seen rates of substance use disorder skyrocket in recent years. Minnesota is also known for being an epicenter for substance use treatment facilities and programs; a community that is well versed in the recovery industry and its inherent challenges. I knew that our platform would be a great asset in Minnesota and could serve the many excellent partners and organizations in these communities.

6. How can Kyros help people in recovery?

Kyros’ interface provides tailored experiences so each person can be connected to the practitioners, organizations and other support services that meet their unique needs in recovery. It ensures that there is a system in place to support each individual’s recovery journey.

7. What services does Kyros provide for organizations and specialists dedicating their time to helping people manage their recovery?

Kyros fosters connections in person and online with providers, while also streamlining access to business services like liability insurance, billing, payments, technology, and clinical supervision. This feature gives those working with clients more time to treat people while we do the administrative work in the background.

8. How can people undergoing recovery start using Kyros?

The best way for people to work with Kyros is to work with one of our partner organizations in their community. In every city we work in we partner with CCBHC, certified community behavioral health clinics, halfway houses, community centers, etc. to support the services they provide.

9. How can organizations and specialists start using Kyros?

People can find us through our website, through our community work, and at the many events we attend. We do a lot of grassroots outreach in the communities and cities where we have partnerships. We also work with people who are in recovery who want to become peer recovery specialists, for which we provide a free training program and job placement after completion.

10. Where do you see Kyros in the next 5-years? Will you expand to more states?

We are expanding into two more states by the end of October and plan on being in ten states by the end of 2023. We hope to be helping many more of the millions of people in recovery across the country by this time next year.

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