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Good oral health is important for several reasons, but preventing gum disease is an important one. Gum disease, a.k.a gingivitis, can wreak havoc on your oral health and result in bad breath and tooth loss. If it isn’t dealt with soon enough, it could also lead to further health risks in other parts of your body. Regular visits to your dentist helps you keep an eye on your gums and teeth, and it is an excellent preventative measure. In addition, there are other ways to prevent gum disease at home.

1. Use Oral Antiseptic Sprays

Having some oral antiseptic spray in your medicine cabinet is useful. When you do notice that you have irritation in your mouth, these sprays help to soothe and prevent the problem from getting worse. A quality germ defense mouth spray should be used to keep gum disease at bay.

2. Regular Brushing

A simple step to preventing gum disease and other oral health issues is regular brushing. You should be doing this at least twice a day, morning and night, or after each meal. Just make sure that you’re not applying too much pressure when you are brushing your teeth, as this often leads to gum irritation.

3. Check Your Gums for Swelling and Bleeding

There are a lot of things that can irritate your gums and most of the time this isn’t anything to worry about. Even flossing every day or rough brushing might result in a small amount of bleeding on occasion. However, it’s still worth checking your gums regularly for signs of swelling, bleeding, and general irritation. If this problem persists, make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

4. Mouthwash for Gum Defense

Using mouthwash as part of your teeth cleaning routine is great, and another big step in keeping your gums healthy. While there are a lot of high-quality mouthwashes available, you should also look for brands that focus on targeting your gums.  Remember, some of these mouthwashes will be for those who are already suffering from gum disease, and they might be too harsh for many people. If this is the case, make sure that you’re choosing a milder version instead.

5. Eat Foods to Nourish Your Gums

A healthy and nutritious diet is always beneficial, but certain foods support strong gum health. These include fresh fruit and vegetables, such as apples and carrots. Other foods that  benefit gum health are whole grains, nuts, and yogurt.

If you would like to pay more attention to gum disease prevention, keep these tips in mind and try to make a more conscious effort to follow each one at home.

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