GeneralHow to Prevent Skin Damage from Screen Time

When you think about skincare, you probably conjure up images of serums and moisturising creams – not using your computer. However, whether you use a computer or laptop every day for work or are an avid gamer and spend a lot of time on your gaming PC, new studies are beginning to find that prolonged screen time might be impacting our skin. The screens on our phones, tablets, and computers all emit a blue light, which travels on a wavelength similar to that of UV rays. Scientists are concerned that the two might share some of the same damaging effects such as faster aging, pigmentation and dark spots. So, how can you look after your skin if you use a screen all the time?

Firming and Toning Creams

A research paper from 2014 found that staring at our phones while scrolling or texting or looking down at our laptops all day for work pulls around five times the usual gravitational pull on our neck, spine and skin. For people who repeat this behaviour all the time, it can lead to hunching and sagging effects around the neck and chin. To prevent this sign of aging, consider using your devices in a better posture, and keeping screens at eye level rather than looking down at them. You should also consider adding firming and toning creams to your everyday skincare routine.


While the damage that the UV rays from our devices can do to our skin hasn’t been researched enough yet to come to a solid conclusion, if it’s anything like the UV rays from the sun then it might be worth using sunscreen while you’re indoors as well. While it sounds ridiculous, it might have an impact if you spend a lot of time working at your laptop or gaming on your Lenovo gaming computer setup. Most moisturising face creams these days come with SPF, so that should do the trick along with keeping your skin soft and supple.

Eye Creams

Experts have found that we blink less than normal when we are staring at a computer screen, which can lead to dry eyes and even cause issues like headaches or blurred vision. Using a computer or laptop for hours each day could mean that you end up rubbing and itching your eyes more often than usual, which isn’t good for the delicate skin in the area. Along with this, more screen time can also lead to more lines and wrinkles around the eyes, from squinting at the screen more often. Adding a good eye cream to your skin routine is a good idea if you want to avoid this, along with taking more regular breaks from your screen to avoid eye strain.

Since laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets with screens have become a big part of our everyday lives, many of us don’t take the time to think about the damage that they could be doing to us. A lot of screen time might actually have a significant negative impact on your skin, so it’s worth keeping this in mind when planning your skincare routine.

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