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Whether you take prescription medications for a health condition, or you’re turning over a new leaf and trying to boost your health with vitamins or supplements, we all know that staying consistent is one of the hardest things to do in life.

Missing doses of important tablets won’t just make you feel bad, it could also be dangerous for your health. Not staying consistent with medications prescribed by your doctor is one of the main causes for worsening health outcomes. And yet, lots of people struggle to remember to take their medications each day. Studies have shown that as many as 50% of people who are prescribed medications struggle to take them as frequently as they have been advised.

If you’re rushing out the door trying to get to work, or have a dozen other things on your mind, it’s all too easy to let your health slip.

It all comes down to habit and routine. How can you build a healthier routine and make sure you take your medications consistently? Thankfully, there are a lot of options to try, and bits of tech to help you out.

1. Use an app

There are plenty of apps out there, such as Medisafe Pill Reminder or Mango Health, offering personalised reminders for each of your medications to ensure they are taken on time. You can get refill reminders in app and track your consistency, giving you that much needed motivation to keep at it.

2. Set an alarm

Don’t fancy a dedicated app? Well setting a regular alarm on your phone is likely just as good. Have it go off at the exact time its needed so you’ll remember even if you’re in the middle of something else. Just don’t snooze it like all your others!

3. Make it eye catching

In can be temping to keep your medications out of sight. After all, they’re not the most attractive boxes to leave lying around. But this is a recipe for forgetting all about them, so rather than tucking your pills away in a cupboard or drawer, put your medication somewhere you’ll definitely see it. The bathroom counter or your bedside table would both be good spots.

If the thought of leaving a pile of pill packets out on a table makes you break out in a mild sweat, you could always put them in a pill organiser that is much easier on the eyes.

4. Timer caps for you pill bottles

These handy gadgets screw onto your pill bottles instead of their lid and you can set the alarm to go off when needed. If you’re the forgetful type these can often tell you exactly how long it’s been since it was last opened, so you know whether you took your pills that day.

5. Use a pill organiser

A weekly pill organiser is a great visual reminder to take your tablets and prevents double dosing. You can take it with you if you’re out and about to make sure you take your medications on time.

Choose a day (usually Sunday) to fill up the organiser and then you’re all set for the week ahead. If you take a tablet weekly or every other day, you can be sure you’re taking the correct doses.

You can pick up little plastic pill boxes from most pharmacies, or check out this chic 7-day pill organiser for a more premium option.

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