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Physical therapy is a branch of medicine known for millennia. Nowadays, it has gained more popularity, because an increasing number of people have problems with pain, stiffness, and so on. These are all results of a sedentary lifestyle and poor lifestyle habits. But these problems can also occur as a result of a trauma or some disease.

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Suppose you had an injury that makes it difficult for you to do daily activities and move. Depending on the severity of your case, a doctor could suggest physical therapy. Sometimes, it’s the only solution, and in some cases, it can be an additional treatment.

Physical therapy is about using different forms of energy for improving health. Therapists use hands, heat, electricity, and so on, in disease prevention and treatment. The purpose of these methods is to reduce pain, restore mobility, and improve well-being in patients.

Holistic Approach

A vein disease like varicose veins can be treated by physical therapy and compression garments to avoid depending on drugs or surgery (unless your doctor recommends it). Talk to your physiotherapist about using compression legwear to manage swelling and pain and discomfort that comes with the condition.

There are medical-grade compression socks with zippers, which make it easier for the wearer to put on and remove their compression legwear. Physical therapy in conjunction with compression therapy can help treat many conditions that keep patients from living their best lives and doing everyday tasks because of pain and discomfort in their lower extremities.  

You can seek the help of licensed physiatrists after having an accident or fracture. When you got hurt during sports or in the gym, these medical experts will diagnose and treat the problem. They can also help with chronic pain, degenerative diseases, inflammations, etc.

Therapists will perform the treatment using some form of energy. Depending on a health problem, they can apply water, heat, electricity, or hands. Medications are not a priority in this medical field. Still, a therapist may suggest some mild analgesics or anti-inflammatory drugs to ease the pain.

Physical therapists have a holistic approach to treatment. By acting on the cause of pain or discomfort, they can also treat the primary disease‘s side effects. These can be high blood pressure, headaches, poor circulation, fainting, and so on.

Improving Functionality

Injuries, fractures, or some health disorders can weaken and make you less functional. Even if your recovery from some rheumatic or neurological diseases was successful, you might feel some side effects such as weakness and limited functionality. You can also feel weak after labor or surgery.

The human body has a power of self-healing, to some point. This process takes some time, and therapies and medications should boost it. The goal of physiotherapy is not to start the process of self-healing. It should restore the patient’s functionality.

For example, if you had spinal surgery, you must lie down for a while. You shouldn’t perform any complex movement. Exercises and massages can help you get back on feet, but only if you perform them under supervision. In some patients, complete recovery is not possible. But with exercises and massages, they can restore functionality and mobility to some point. More on types of physiotherapy find on this web page.

Preventing Surgery

People who suffer from chronic pain often think that surgery is the only solution. Sometimes it’s inevitable, but every operation has some bad sides. It’s a kind of trauma for the body. So you should avoid surgery whenever possible.

Slow recovery, fear of anesthesia, and pain are things most people are afraid of. Physical therapy can be an excellent alternative to surgery. The best thing is that it’s painless, non-invasive, and you can do it at home.

If you decide to have an operation, you should discuss recovery with doctors. They might suggest physical therapy. If you perform it regularly, your recovery will be much faster. Make sure you work only with skilled and experienced therapists. Otherwise, your condition may worsen.

Better than Drugs

Physical therapy is of great help to patients suffering from chronic diseases. People with arthritis, osteoporosis, or sciatica often take analgesics because of sharp pain. Yet, drugs don’t treat the cause but only reduce the discomfort.

Besides, painkillers can be addictive if used every day. So the treatment of chronic and acute pain must be done in another way. Physical therapy acts soothingly, but with no side effects. Exercises boost blood flow in the painful area. They relax muscles and improve circulation in the tissues. Therapists from a clinic for physiotherapy Burnaby say it’s a natural way to stimulate the body’s pain reduction mechanisms.

You might think that physical therapies can only help you when you’re injured or in pain. But they can improve your health in many ways, but with minimal use of drugs. Physical therapies can help you improve balance, body posture, and many other things that will prevent future health issues.

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