HealthcareHow Can Colon Cleansing Improve Your Health?

We are always looking for a new way to cleanse and keep our bodies in good condition. We live in an age where just about anything new you want to try is just a quick purchase away. However, with the amount of novel ways to finetune and cleanse our bodies that come out every year, you might find yourself confused or overwhelmed and feel unsure about where to start on your cleansing journey.

It all comes down to where you want to start. Here, we will start at the end, in a way: colon cleansing.

The practice of colon cleansing dates all the way back to ancient Greece, but only gained popularity in the United States in the 1900s. Colon cleansing is basically the theory that waste in your body will collect over time, staying there, and put you at risk of having toxins inside your body and making you prone to disease, or called ‘autointoxication’. While the practice fell out of fashion after its initial boom, lately, it has begun to gain traction again.

However, colon cleansing is a redundant practice: your digestive system already performs the function of removing waste from your body without any sort of outside aid at all. Research on the side of colon cleansing is still ongoing, but there may still be some benefits to colon cleansing. 

For one, it may help regulate your bowel movements, or through constipation. While the research is still sparse, there is some evidence that exists that colon cleansing can also help you reduce your risk of colon cancer. It may also help with bloating, diarrhea and cramping. 

With these benefits in mind, you may be feeling curious about the process of colon cleansing. One of the ways to try a colon cleanse for yourself is with LifeInfused colon cleanse supplements

Colon cleanse supplements are not laxatives, nor are they bowel stimulants. Often, colon cleanse supplements are made with natural ingredients such as wood oils and various fibers to encourage your intestines to cleanse naturally, balance the amount of good bacteria present in your colon, and eliminate toxins that may have built up. Natural cleansing supplements can also help to provide your body with the nutrients you might be missing, or replace those you may lose from colon cleansing.  

It’s good to keep in mind that you may lose some weight while you undergo a colon cleanse. Supplements are not a diet aid, but the expelling of waste and regulating of your bowels and digestive processes may lead to you losing some extra weight, mainly due to the loss of water weight from the expelling process. 

While natural ingredients are more gentle with your body over synthetic alternatives, you should be mindful of what ingredients are included. Natural ingredients react the same way as most food allergens, so it’s good practice to be cautious and check the formulations of the supplements you choose. It is also good to check with your physician or a medical professional before starting your cleanse through supplements. Once you have found a formulation you feel comfortable starting your cleansing journey with, try taking the supplement in small doses to see if it is right for you.

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