GeneralEverything you need to know about Elmiron Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

In the United States, a person can bring forth a personal injury claim if they were injured by a prescription drug. Class action lawsuits are civil suits that are brought on behalf of a group of people or business entities who have suffered the same injuries due to the defendant’s recklessness or negligence, and who are represented collectively by a member of that group. If you have taken Elmiron and have suffered from vision problems, then a personal injury attorney may be able to fight for you in court so you can be compensated for your damages.

What is Elmiron?

Elmiron is a drug prescribed to treat interstitial cystitis, which is also referred to as bladder pain syndrome or IC for short. This is a chronic condition that causes bladder and pelvic pain or pressure, and sometimes causes a frequent urge to urinate. Almost half of the cases of interstitial cystitis go away by themselves but some other patients have chronic issues that reappear. Some patients opt in for natural remedies and supplements for bladder pain syndrome, while overlooking there is a list of supplements to avoid. Elmiron was prescribed to provide these patients with relief from their IC.

What does the retina of the eye do?

The retina has a vital role in vision. The way we see is from light passing through the front of the eye onto the retina, where the light is absorbed by cells and converted into electrochemical messages that are sent along the optic nerve to your brain. Your brain then interprets those images. Your cornea and lens focus light rays onto the retina so you can see a sharp image of what you were looking at. The iris and the pupil control how much light goes into your eye.

The retina contains a layer of photoreceptor cells that are light-sensitive and responsible for detecting color and light intensity. If something is wrong with the retina and the brain cannot receive this information, then the person experiences blindness. Damage to the retina can be permanent and irreversible.

The macula is the central area of the retina that processes colors and sharpness. A paper-thin layer of light-sensing cells, rods and cones, is what allows you to read, see fine details and colors, recognize faces, and focus your vision.

How does Elmiron affect vision?

Lawsuits against Elmiron claim that the drug causes an eye disorder called Pigmentary Maculopathy as well as other disorders of the retina, which can lead to blindness. People have reported having difficulty adjusting to moving out of bright or dark spaces, such as walking out of a building into the street, or walking from outside and adjusting to the dim light indoors. Others have reported blurry vision, difficulty reading, and more difficulty driving at night. Victims also report that they see colors less vividly, which makes sense given the damage done to their photoreceptors. They may also see straight lines as wavy or have blind spots where there is no vision at all.

Has your vision changed since taking Elmiron?

Take the advice from 1800injured.care of Washington, D.C., and speak to an attorney right away if you have suffered from vision problems after taking Elmiron. You could be compensated for the medical debt you incurred treating your vision issues. After you’ve visited the eye doctor, it’s time to call an attorney.

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