GeneralHEALTHpreneur and the 6 Things That Can Change the Business of Your Life

By Derrick Hayes the “enTIEtainer”

As I studied my life and what has helped me become successful I kept seeing the word HEALTH and inside HEALTH 6 components were revealed to me that I would like to share with you.

H is for Happy. Are you happy or are you miserable. If you are happy find ways to stay happy and if you are miserable find things that make you happy. Most people that go to bed mad wake up in the morning mad and when you wake up mad you are more than likely to go throughout the day mad and sometimes mad at nothing serious at all. Pedal yourself away from negativity and do your best to put hate on the bye cycle.

E is for Energy. How you handle life can get you through the roughest times or keep you in the toughest times. Happiness and rest as well as living your best life can give you the energy to continue what’s on your life menu. The right energy sets the tone in the workplace atmosphere so that everyone feels good about coming together for the common goal.

A is for Attraction. When you are happy and have the right energy more and more people, places and things will be are attracted to you. When you get out of your feelings and feeling good about life, life gives you a better view to look at.

L is for Looking. Now that you have options in front of you write down a list of what you are specifically looking for. This a great way for you to attract more of what you are looking for. Update the list of people that you would like to meet or network with, the places you would like to go to and the things that are still on your bucket list for you to do. When you have your eyes open everything possible is within reach.

T is for Testing. When you find what you are looking for put it to the test to see if it is for you or not. In life you have to keep attracting, keep looking and keep testing to find the right people to take you to the right places so that you can do more of the right things. In order to stay the best you have to keep taking and passing the test.

H is for Harvest. When you are Happy with good Energy you are able to Attract what you are Looking for but when you Test it out you will be able to reap your Harvest. Fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree but you have to have a tree in order to have fruit. The Harvest for one may be a new job and for others it may be a contact to a multi-million dollar contract.

People want their money to not look funny and their change to not look strange but don’t realize their HEALTH and can stop or increase their wealth. You don’t need a doctor or nurse to do a HEALTH examination. Just ask yourself these questions.

Are you Happy? What type of Energy do you bring to work? Why are others Attracted to you? What are you Looking for? Have you taking any Tests lately? Has your tree produced you a Harvest?

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