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Tooth decay occurs as a result of the destruction of the structure of our teeth. Tooth decay can affect both the dentin layer of the tooth and the outer coating of the tooth known as enamel.

When food debris is left on the teeth, bacteria residing in the mouth, digest these carbohydrate-rich foods, thereby turning them into acids. The acids, bacteria, saliva and food remnants combine together to form plaque that clings to our tooth.

The acids in plaque are capable of dissolving the enamel on the surface of the teeth, creating holes known as cavities. Now that we are familiar with what tooth decay is, we can proceed to discuss how we can prevent them.

Brush your Teeth

Ever since childhood, we’ve been told to brush our teeth twice daily and that advice is as useful now as it was decades ago.

It is important to brush our teeth at least twice daily with fluoride-rich toothpaste; this will not only keep your mouth fresher for longer but also protect our tooth from decay. Brushing twice a day preferably after meals are the simplest, most important action you can take to protect your teeth from decay.


Flossing and brushing go hand-in-hand with one another. Food debris is bound to get stuck in between your teeth during meals; failure to remove this debris can lead to cavities.

Flossing every day is the best way to ensure that food does not get stuck in between your teeth; a good alternative would be the usage of interdental cleaners.

Limit Sugar

No matter how often we brush our teeth or floss, if we fail to eat healthily we are bound to have tooth decay sooner or later. Increase your intake of nutritional snacks while reducing the number of sugary meals and drinks we consume.

Proper nutrition cannot be overstated when it comes to our dental health.

Protect from Injury

When undertaking physically demanding activities such as playing sports, biking and the likes, consider wearing a mouthguard or a full-face helmet where applicable.

In a scenario where you have a tooth knocked out, try holding it back in place or wrapping the knocked out tooth in plastic or placing it in milk while you seek emergency dental care.

Dental Visits

No matter the steps we take when it comes to keeping our teeth healthy, there is no replacing a visit to the dentist’s office.

Periodic and scheduled visits to your local dentist for oral exams and professional cleanings are sure to keep your teeth healthy year round. Do not wait until it is an emergency to pay your dentist a visit.

If we really want to protect against tooth decay, we need to begin with those closest to our hearts. For residents in New South Wales, you can get affordable dental care for the entire family with a trusted Swansea Dental Expert. They offer professional, competitively priced and high-quality dental services. Give them a call to arrange a visit.

Consider Sealants

Dental Sealants are protective coatings applied on the biting surfaces at the back of the teeth. They work by shielding your teeth against bacteria and ultimately plaque, they are great when it comes to protecting your tooth from developing cavities.

Although more commonly used among children due to their growth of permanent teeth, adults can also benefit from making use of dental sealants.

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