GeneralGuide For Looking The Professional Shockwave Therapy in Singapore

Shockwave therapy is an elective, non-invasive treatment for some types of chronic pain in the back and neck. Wave therapy transmits a controlled shock from a device to specific points on the spine or neck area where spinal nerves exit the bone. The shock not only causes a sensation to work its way through the tissue but also creates micro-trauma which stimulates new nerve growth that enhances pain relief and increases the range of motion without any risk of permanent damage.

Tips for choosing professional shockwave therapy

1. Technology

There are currently 1 or 2 devices that are FDA cleared and CE approved for use in Singapore. Your professional shockwave therapist should be trained in the use of at least one of these devices and should have a backup in case of malfunction.

2. Skill

Professional shockwave therapy in Singapore should be trained in soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, joint mobilization, and stretching. They should also have some manual or spinal manipulation skills to maximize the effect when necessary. They should also be able to recognize other conditions like herniated discs/spinal stenosis which indicate after-care before returning to full function.

3. Experience

The accumulated experience of the therapists should be a minimum of 5 years in order to have the confidence and skills that are necessary to excel at this relatively new treatment modality. Since there is still very little experience in the overall population within Singapore, selecting a therapist that has considerable experience in this field can help to give you more confidence that he/she has delivered high-quality treatments.

4. Cost

There are two levels of prices for shockwave therapy – one Abroad and another for locally available therapies. Please pay attention when it comes to Shockwave Therapy treatment as any cost could go up depending on how much time it will take and what treatment options you need. In Singapore, prices for shockwave therapy can vary from 100-500 SGD.

5. Convenience

Pain management is a very important aspect of your life. If a treatment is not convenient for you, then it will be difficult to get the appointments you need to keep you feeling your best. This could mean early morning appointments, late evening appointments, or even weekend appointments. There might also be geographical distance involved and if your pain level is high enough to be significantly impacted by this then this should be one of the first things that your therapist addresses with you before you commit to treatment.

6. Follow-ups

After taking a course of shockwave therapy, a therapist will likely suggest some type of follow-up therapy to maintain the gains. If you’re considering shockwave therapy as a treatment option for yourself or a loved one, it’s important that you take the time to talk about this with your potential therapist.


As with anything, shockwave therapy has its risks and benefits. Taking this into consideration, the benefit of shockwave therapy may outweigh the risks for some people. It is important when considering shockwave therapy to check over your personal risk factors before making any decisions about whether you should add shockwave therapy to your treatment plan or not.

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