GeneralWhat is Acne and What are the Best Treatment Methods?

Acne is the most common skin condition people experience and many people have to deal with acne on a daily basis. There is rarely a day that goes by without seeing advertisements for the latest and greatest treatments for acne and it is difficult to avoid the endless social media videos demonstrating complicated makeup techniques to cover up acne. With all of this attention focused on alleviating or covering up acne, it can be easy to feel like something is wrong if you are struggling with acne. However, the first step to curing or controlling your acne is understanding what exactly it is, what causes acne, and the best treatment options.

What is Acne?

If you struggle with acne, it is important to understanding what exactly is acne? Armed with this understanding, you will be better able to seek out the correct treatment. Acne is a disorder in your oil glands and/or hair follicles that causes bumps and acne to form. There are four main causes of acne: hair follicles become clogged with oil or dead skin cells, your body produces too much oil, there is an increase of normal skin bacteria, and inflammation caused by the blockage of hair follicles. Realizing which of these is the main cause of your acne can be crucial in how you decide to treat your acne and can be seen in the results of the treatment.

Best Methods for Treating Acne

The best acne treatment methods start with a good routine and skincare regimen that takes place at home. Be sure to wash your face with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide twice a day and apply Differin two or three times a week to the affected area. If your acne has not improved after three months of adhering to this routine, it is time to talk to your dermatologist about a treatment plan that may include a prescription-strength medication.

Your dermatologist will inspect your acne infections, attempting to determine your specific triggers and the best treatment method for you. Your dermatologist may suggest topical retinoid creams, topical antibiotic creams, topical benzoyl peroxide washes, oral antibiotics, or oral contraceptive pills. If you still do not see an improvement in your acne after one of these treatment methods, your dermatologist may decide to combine two or more of these treatment methods.

It is important to remember that almost everyone suffers from acne at some point in their life, and there is no reason to feel ashamed. Please visit your dermatologist here at Optima Dermatology if you have been struggling with your acne and would like more insight on how to treat it. Our dermatologists will examine your areas of breakout in an attempt to determine the causes of your acne. This examination will help us come up with the best possible treatment course and get you on the track to clearer and healthier skin.

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