FeaturedChild Allergies Are No Longer Inevitable, Thanks To Ready, Set, Food!

There is no known cure for food allergies; yet well over 32 million Americans actively suffer from food allergies—a harmful reaction that, for many, significantly impacts their quality of life.

When those affected aren’t scouring lists of ingredients at the grocery store, they are tiptoeing around certain foods at restaurants or having to politely decline dinner invitations from friends and family.

These issues alone are difficult to navigate. But for a child, the issues are only complicated further. For one, no parent wants to watch their child suffer from eczema, rashes, and other painful symptoms that are often brought on by an allergic reaction.

What’s more, as children grow older, parents often have little to no control over what they are exposed to throughout the day. Children are typically less aware of potential exposure to an allergenic food, or may be forced to separate from their friends and sit at non-allergy tables during lunch.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

Setting a new standard for food health and safety, the USDA has recently released dietary guidelines for 2020 – 2025. These guidelines strongly emphasize the importance of foundational feeding, particularly in children under the age of two. These guidelines confirm recommendations that studies have long supported, such as encouraging diverse diets and feeding babies foods like peanuts, eggs, and milk early on in order to reduce food allergy risk.

But, there is a glaring problem—infants and toddlers are often unable to consume foods like peanuts and eggs at such an early age, let alone in the right dosages that will allow them to consume these foods in a more controlled manner.

That is, until now.

Ready, Set, Food! has created a way for parents to start feeding their children foods such as peanuts, eggs, and milk with their patent-pending formula. No longer do children need to be doomed to an allergy-filled life. Instead, they can be introduced to foods that are commonly found to be allergenic, long before allergies have a chance to develop.

Ready, Set, Food!’s powder is completely soluble, meaning it can be added to formula without overtly compromising the taste or texture that infants recognize and love. The company’s system is such that parents are able to adjust the type and dosage of powder, allowing their children to gradually increase their consumption of commonly allergenic foods in what is perhaps the safest way possible.

All of the powder’s ingredients are 100% organic and is easy to add to breastmilk, formula, or good—and just once daily.

The product is implemented in two stages. Stage one is a 15-day introduction to commonly allergenic foods. The system begins with milk, adds eggs after a few days, and finally, adds peanuts after roughly one week. All in all, this 15-day introduction to the powder sets up stage two—a six-month program through which the child can not only prevent allergies but also turn these particular foods into staples of a healthy foundational diet!

The results speak for themselves. Through Ready, Set, Food!, a child’s risk of developing allergies is reduced by a whopping 80%!

Ready, Set, Food! holds to four principles that prioritize and promote the health of young children: trusted, gentle, natural, easy. It’s these principles that parents can come to expect in any Ready, Set, Food! product and trust that the company’s formulas are exactly what their children need to help them prevent a life filled with allergies.

This article has been sponsored by Ready, Set, Food!

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