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Blockchain is becoming a popular buzzword, too often linked only to cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin for a lot of people. However, and although its first application was in the Fintech space, blockchain is a technology which is going to further outreached the cryptocurrency spaces to be used in barely every single industry ranking from education to food or travel to name only a few. The healthcare supply chain is definitively going to adopt it maybe...


Blockchain has been a critical component in the proliferation of cryptocurrency, serving as a basis for Bitcoin, Ether, and similar digital bearer assets (i.e., electronic money). However, as a decentralized digital ledger, blockchain’s uses are not limited to currency applications or the world of finance. Blockchain has many important uses in healthcare, and could help the industry solve difficult data management problems, support patient record sharing and strengthen information security. As noted by a Deloitte...


The global healthcare blockchain market is fragmented in nature with several regional and global players. The market is led by several big and regional market players such as IBM (US), Microsoft (US), Guardtime (Estonia), PokitDok (US), Hashed Health (US), Gem (US), and Chronicled (US). The companies are mainly focusing on agreements, collaborations, & partnerships and product launches & enhancements to maintain and enhance their presence in the market. IBM In 2017, IBM dominated the global...

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