NursingBecome a Registered Nurse in 5 Steps

Nursing is the perfect profession for those who wish to make a real difference in society. They get to build the lives of those around them while equally gaining a rewarding career for themselves. However, the nursing profession is broad, with many opportunities that make your growth unique. The sub-divisions of nursing are endless, from working in acute care hospital environments to community healthcare settings. If you’re considering becoming a nurse, or you’re curious as to the process of becoming one, this article outlines the main steps involved, helping you plan for your career in such an exciting industry.

Select Your Nursing Degree Program

The program you choose to study will largely affect your education and career journey financially and professionally. Three types of pre-licensure degree programs are available for those who wish to pursue nursing. They include a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and an Associate Degree in Nursing. You can choose to attend a physical school or consider an online rn to bsn course, if it fits your schedule.

College Preparation

The best place to start preparing for a future career in nursing is in high school. Sometimes, even earlier is better. This is because the lessons you learn in high school are the steppingstones to prepare you for your education and career. In many high schools, students interested in healthcare are allowed to take preparatory classes that equip them for the college-level coursework and skills necessary to pursue a nursing degree. If your high school offers this option, take advantage and get a head start in social studies, English language, science, foreign languages, and math.

Selection of Schools

Now that you know the program you want to pursue, it’s time to select a nursing school and submit your applications. The school selection process is highly important but can be daunting with the numerous options available. When selecting your school, it is best to consider a few factors, such as location and whether the chosen school has a strong affiliation with clinics and hospitals. Answering these questions will allow you to streamline your choices per your personal needs.

Complete Supervised Clinical Training Requirements

Although there’s a demand for nurses, new nursing students need to undergo physical training that most professionals in the medical industry go through. As much as possible, you should strive to gain clinical experience while you study, grow your expertise, and nurture your advanced competencies. The length and location of your training might vary, and you’ll be expected to spend a few hours a week in a certified medical facility.

Apply for the RN License and Pass Your NCLEX

After attending school and finishing your clinical hours, the next best step is to apply for your RN license. This allows you to practice as a registered nurse in any state. To be licensed, you’ll need to apply to the board of nursing and provide your school certifications.

The minimum number of years required to become a registered nurse depends largely on the education route you opt for. Approximately, it’ll take 2-3 years to complete your education and another 3-4 years of coursework to be ready for the NCLEX-RN exam.

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