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It’s a little strange, isn’t it? How words have that strange quality of becoming so ubiquitous that they lose all meaning. Take the word ubiquitous, for example. It literally means “present, appearing or found everywhere” according to the definition by OxfordLanguages, but whenever it shows up it is just thrown around haphazardly. Speakers and writers can do this through the power of association and meaning; that is to say, we know the meaning of ubiquitous through its use in the surrounding context of the words exclusively.

And so too is it with other common words and phrases in our lives, which brings us to the titular question described in the title. Are psychologists doctors? And by association, the questions that must necessarily be asked to inform the context of the answer, including:

  • What are doctors?
  • What are the differences between psychologists?
  • How much schooling must a psychologist have?
  • What is a psychologist also called?
  • What do psychologists study?
  • What do psychologists do?

And so on and so forth. Let’s begin where psychologists themselves begin, which is at the school they attend to become psychologists.

What Do Psychologists Study?

Psychologists attend secondary education institutions to learn about how people think, feel and behave. Most students acquire a master’s or doctoral degree in the field of psychology, which takes between 6 to 10 years. The degree they receive is a general degree for the field, but psychologists will specialize in one of the many facets of psychology.

These facets include clinical, behavioural, neuropsychology, youth psychology and more. After psychologists finish school and begin practicing they must declare their core competencies in these various specializations.

What Do Doctors Study?

Doctors also attend secondary education institutions, but they focus on the physical aspects of the human body. All students who become doctors will earn a medical degree and complete a residency program before becoming licensed.

How Do Psychologists Become Doctors?

Psychologists can become doctors by completing a medical degree, or achieving a doctoral degree in psychology, as stated above. In either case, this will make them doctors, with the prefix “Dr.” in their titles.

How Do Doctors Become Psychologists or Psychiatrists?

Those with a doctorate can choose to specialize in the area of mental health and become psychiatrists. This allows them to prescribe medication and study the mind through a slightly different approach then psychologists. Additionally, doctors who complete a psychology degree are considered psychologists as well; even so, they are likely to retain their psychiatrist or medical title.are psychologist doctors in canada

Are Psychologists Doctors?

As you can see by the headers and the discussion itself, becoming a psychologist does not make you a doctor, nor does becoming a doctor make you a psychologist. They are independent fields of study, which have overlap due to their similarities in subject matter.

Are Psychologists Doctors in Canada?

In Canada, psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors all hold the same designations we’ve discussed above. Therefore, psychologists are not considered doctors in Canada either; except if they have the appropriate medical training to become a doctor, however.

What’s the Difference Between Psychologists and Psychiatrists?

We have casually discussed the link between psychologists and psychiatrists in this article, but not fully explained the difference. Psychiatrists tend to focus on the mechanical aspects of mental health and attempt to correct issues through medication, whereas psychologists rely on techniques and methods they’ve learned through schooling and practice.

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