InterviewAn Interview About MEDISTIK, A More Effective Solution For Pain Management

Canadian company MEDISTIK, Inc. has been successfully selling its topical pain management solution exclusively through professional health clinics for 14 years, and has now launched into the consumer space, working hard to get it into the hands of everyday people. To learn more about the topic, we conducted an interview with MEDISTIK, Inc.

1. Can you tell us more about MEDISTIK?

Since 2006, MEDISTIK has become Canada’s strongest topical pain reliever without a prescription.  With thousands of excellent reviews, we pride ourselves on helping more than 1 million individuals globally including over 4000 health care providers, professional athletes and the Canadian Military.

2. What is MEDISTIK’s mission?

Our mission is to empower people to live pain free so they can enjoy life without suffering.  We make the difference!

3. What is MEDISTIK’s 3-step pain management system?

MEDISTIK’s 3 Step pain management system is: PREVENT | RELIEVE | HEAL

MEDISTIK is a complete pain management system taking holistic approach to managing pain.  Unlike other topical analgesics that only temporarily mask pain, with pain returning rapidly once the treatment wears off, MEDISTIK helps prevent, relieve and heal acute and chronic pain.

Using MEDISTIK as a pain prevention treatment often eliminates muscular pain even before it occurs.  This approach makes a significant difference in people’s lives.

4. You have mainly been working with professional health clinics. Why did you choose to also operate in the consumer space?

The MEDISTIK PROFESSIONAL line has been available to healthcare professionals since 2006. The products easily integrate with many clinical treatments. The clinicians like it because it accelerates rehabilitation of acute and chronic pain conditions and helps their patients progress faster when being treated by the clinician.

Over the years, the consumer demand has significantly increased so we decided to offer MEDISTIK to retail and online consumers.  Online shopping has gained on popularity in the last few years and we have been focusing our efforts on making MEDISTIK available to all global markets.

5. What are the main drawbacks of traditional oral and prescription pain medications?

Oral medication has to pass through your stomach, liver, and small intestine before being absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed where it’s needed, leaving fragments of harmful chemicals along the way. Over time and with frequent use, they may cause stomach ulcers, increase your risk for a heart attack, and damage your kidneys.

On the other hand, a topical pain reliever is absorbed straight through the skin to the area of pain, avoiding this harmful path through your body.

6. What sets MEDISTIK apart from other popular pain relief medications?

Many people are frustrated with topical pain relievers because they only contain a very small amount of active ingredients.

MEDISTIK is the strongest topical pain reliever without a prescription, containing 46% of medicinal ingredients. Unlike other topical analgesics that only temporarily mask pain, MEDISTIK works as a potent anti-inflammatory providing long term results.

MEDISTIK’s flagship product is packaged in an easy to use, non-messy stick dispenser that is applied hands-free.  This unique application is beneficial to many users, including athletes in training, people with limited mobility issues or anyone who does not have access to washing facilities.

7. Are MEDISTIK products safe? Do they have side effects? Can you elaborate on that?

MEDISTIK is approved by Health Canada and the FDA.  MEDISTIK follows prescribed requirements for safety, efficacy, and quality of health products.  The ingredients, directions of use and cautions are included on all product labels.

MEDISTIK easily applies to the skin, directly targeting affected muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints.  The three mess-free applications, stick, spray or roll-on, do not need hand washing after use, unlike other cream and gel products on the market.  MEDISTIK is just apply and go product!

MEDISTIK is safe to use with no internal or gastrointestinal side effects found in many oral or injected non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs). MEDISTIK is a potent and safe alternative to oral medications. It is free from parabens, phthalates, and color. It does not contain opioids.

8. Do your products only provide pain relief or there are other usages involved?

MEDISTIK’s unique 3-way Pain Management System not only provides relief when pain has already occurred, but it is an excellent preventative solution that mitigates and promotes circulation and warms up muscles prior to physical activity.

MEDISTIK targets soft tissue inflammation conditions like arthritis and rheumatism, general aches and pains such as backaches, neck pain, leg and knee pains, acute and chronic muscle and joint pain, cramps, stiffness, sport injuries and even helps contusion type bruises.

9. Who can benefit from MEDISTIK’s products?

MEDISTIK is a must product for everyone. Whether you are an athlete or just sit behind the desk all day or you are running all day with kids on your arms or even training for a competition – MEDISTIK is for you.  You can be a dad playing hockey in an organized “beer league” or you have a sore back from gardening all day or dancing all night – MEDISTIK is your solution.

If you are a strong and vibrant person and you want to live life to its fullest, the last thing you want to worry about is pain.  You need MEDISTIK on your team!

10. Do MEDISTIK products ship internationally?

MEDISTIK is available in North America through our website www.medistik.com and in Europe through www.medistik.eu. Healthcare professionals can order on www.medistikprofessional.com. Other regions can connect with us directly at info@medistik.com and we will find a suitable certified partner for them.

11. Where do you see MEDISTIK in the next 5-years?

We envision MEDISTIK to become a regular part of everyone’s lifestyle soon!

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