EMR/EHRAllscripts vs. RxNT: Compare Strategies, Cost, And Features

Allscripts vs. RxNT

We will dive into the similarities and differences between Allscripts and Rxnt in order to help you make a more informed decision about which product would best suit your needs.

Allscripts is a company that provides healthcare IT solutions. It delivers electronic health records, practice management, and patient engagement solutions. Whereas RxNT is a company that offers clinical documentation improvement software to healthcare providers. RxNT includes software for the clinical documentation process, including coding and billing. Allscripts has been in business since 1978 and has more than 27,000 employees, with locations in the U.S., Canada, the Bahamas, Europe, and Asia.RxNT has been in business since 2007 and has more than 10,000 employees. More than 8,000 healthcare providers use rxNT’s software.

The Allscripts EHR software is the most widely used electronic health record (EHR) in America today. Allscripts has a wide range of products that make it one of the leading providers of healthcare IT solutions.Rxnt EHR also offers a wide range of products and services that span across different sectors including – wellness, pharmacy, healthcare IT and cloud technology.


What is Allscripts EHR?

Allscripts is an electronic health record software that has been used by hospitals, physician offices, and other healthcare providers. Allscripts offers a cloud-based and mobile app that provides secure access to data anytime, anywhere. In 1986, the company was founded. Allscripts is a highly rated medical software used by thousands of medical professionals and hospitals across the globe. The versatile electronic medical record software is suitable for hospitals and practices of all sizes, from single physician clinics to huge hospitals. Everyone can use it. Allscripts EMR is a leading platform for health facilities’ administrative, clinical, and finance solutions. It achieves a perfect equilibrium between user-friendliness and efficiency. It is easy to manage appointments, schedule meetings with staff, streamline billing workflows, and keep track of payment details.

Let’s now look at the main Features

The Allscripts EHR is a powerful software that incorporates features like clinical decision support, computerized provider order entry, electronic lab reporting, and integration with pharmacy.other features are

Routine tasks streaming

Allscripts EHR provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features, such as electronic prescribing, mobile access, and clinical functions to aid healthcare professionals in managing their daily tasks more efficiently. There are around 800 guides on care that clinicians have access to, including clinical decision support and custom clinical desktops that allow them to get better outcomes in clinical practice. The platform also lets users access the best features on mobile devices.

Information on maternity care

it offers the Allscripts Prenatal cloud-based system that offers powerful tools for communication and recording the details of maternal care. Additionally, The Allscripts Clinical Quality Solution (CQS) works with TouchWorks to provide tools to support clinical decision-making and quality management.

It helps streamline the practices of physicians.

Allscripts Professional EHR is tailored for small to mid-sized hospitals and physician practices. Its goal is to cut down on the utilization of resources by businesses and help them to achieve more significant results simultaneously. Professional EHR includes a wide range of integrated tools that aid in financial and clinical processes to allow clinicians to offer better quality healthcare.

Allows access to pertinent information

Users can manage the financial health of their organization without any hassles thanks to the user-friendly interface and customizable. Clinicians can organize their practices more effectively by using the at-a-glance function of the system. The streamlined workflow and daily planning tools allow users to keep track of information, such as laboratory results and appointments, and treatments, all from one place.


They don’t have a free version, and Allscripts Professional EHR does not offer a trial version for free. On a scale of 1-10 (10 is the most costly to set up), Allscripts is rated 6.4. Allscripts offers a few options for customers to choose from, and the price of a license begins at 150 dollars per service.


Allscripts has an overall rating of 4 out of 5, based on over 2,475 reviews left anonymously

What is Rxnt EHR?

The Rxnt Software has been developed in order to provide an easy-to-use platform for healthcare providers, payers, and patients. It offers a single point of access for all their needs which include care coordination, patient engagement and wellness management.

Cloud-based RXNT’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) software simplifies workflows and enhances the patient experience. Health professionals can access real-time health information and prescription history at the point of care as well as electronic medical scheduling, electronic referrals, and integrated EPCS-certified electronic prescribing (eRx). Patients enjoy the convenience of the patient engagement portal as well as check-in options. The RXNT EMR service is HIPAA compatible and is compatible with MACRA and MIPS, as well as being an ONC-certified HIT solution.

Main Top Features that can help your Practice

Practice Management & Billing

helps maximize revenue and profitability for your practice. Customizable reports allow users to monitor and analyze practice data and projected revenues and conduct real-time eligibility checks for claims using electronic remittance advice (eRA).

Automated claims accuracy

this feature checks and built-in claim scrubbing detects and eliminates billing code errors, resulting in faster reimbursement. Plus, a comprehensive and always up-to-date database of ICD-10 codes means fewer claim rejections.

Automatic appointment reminders

manage appointments and collect payments it charge capture, insurance eligibility, and patient bill pay. Single sign-on simplifies operations for central billing offices. can combine RXNT’s software products (EHR, ERX, PM, Billing, Scheduling)

Fully secured suite

it offers a secure, central database, so your data passes through every product in real-time, no matter the device.


Its Simple, transparent pricing includes free setup and training, free data transfer, and free in-house support. Plus, 24/7 cloud-based access and regular system upgrades. 10% discount available for annual pricing. Full Suite (All Products): From $150/month. Practice Management (Billing, Scheduling): From $65/month. Electronic Health Records (EHR, ERX, Scheduling): From $85/month. E-Prescribing: $650/year & 2FA token for EPCS = $75/year.


4.44/5 out of 351 reviews, people like the software for its easy use tools, fast customer support service, and functionality 


The healthcare sector is one of the most important and influential sectors in the world. There are many developments happening in this sector, which will help make it more affordable and accessible to people. Providers have an important decision to make when it comes to selecting the right EHR for their practice. we have taken a look at the digital transformation comparison of Allscripts and RxNt software and now it’s your choice to decide what steps need to be taken next.

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