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Are you an introvert who always wonders if nursing or any other profession is the right career choice for you? Are you an introverted nurse somehow coping up with the weariness after every long hour shift full of people? If you’re an introvert like me, you know it’s a tough world out there! You may enjoy people on a one on one basis, or on a very small group basis, but being a nurse this won’t be good! As a nurse, you have to deal with a lot of people in your shift, including patients, their families, and friends, your colleagues, and physicians. In contrary, long-distance nursing professions, such as those in the oil fields, just need you to monitor the employees’ health. This type of work is advertised on industrial recruitment platforms such as Primus Workforce and pays significantly more than a standard nursing job.

But you can make a great nurse out of you if you know which nursing field to go and how to handle your skills. You may have taken a degree in ADN, LSN, MSN, or RN-BSN nursing, and you may have skills that can make you a great nurse, all you have to do is select the nursing branch. Introverts like meaningful deep conversations with other people, and tend to be very attentive and are great listeners. It doesn’t mean introverts didn’t have a communication skill, it’s that introverts have different communication skills than extroverts do. Choose a nursing niche and be a great nurse!

* Medical Lab Technician

Do you love science? Then what about working as a medical lab technician? There is a wide range of subfields for medical lab technicians and the duties may vary depending on their specialization, although their most works will be behind their labs. As a lab technician basically you’ll be working in a laboratory with all the testing equipment a biology or chemistry nerd is wishing for! They play an important role in saving the lives of people by diagnosing patients and performing tests based on tissue, blood, and other bodily fluids.

Why this job is for introverts: As a lab technician you won’t have work face-to-face with patients, instead you’ll be in your lab analyzing the samples. You may have to work under a supervisor, but however, most of your works will be independent. 

* Health Information Technician

This is one of the best jobs for nurses. Health information technician is best suited for those who have the best interest in technologies. Popularity in medical technologies is increasing day by day, so the demand for these professionals too. Their duties include storing medical records, manage patients and other healthcare data, and ensuring the quality of these data is correct and provide accessible documentation for physicians, patients, and insurance companies.

Why this job is for introverts:  As they spend a large amount of time and energy on healthcare records and documents they don’t require to interact with patients, but may have a higher authority to ensure the data is correct. All you need is a knack for technology and data and strong organizational skills.

* Medical Coder

Another best healthcare-related job is to be a medical coder, as they will never directly interact with new patients or patients at all. You may have to rarely interact with other fellow nurses and doctors. As a medical recorder, you may receive specific notes or medical records of a patient, all you have to do is carefully read physician’s or nurses’ notes to determine the results. You may also have a better understanding of government policies and rules.

Why this job is for introverts: You don’t have to be a socially active or outgoing person to be a medical coder. Being attentive and with your organizational skills,  you can be a pro in this profession.

* Forensic Nurse

Forensic nursing is good for you if you want to go ahead of the typical nursing duties and responsibilities of a nurse and advance your work from a law enforcement angle. Forensic nurses a day is spent serving victims of domestic and sexual violence. Forensic nurses must have great attention to details because the vital evidence they find will have a great impact on the legal cases.

Why this job is for introverts: Forensic nurses have a smaller and focused list of patients or victims. As introverts are usually attentive and listen to others’ problems well, they are a perfect fit for patients who have been through the violence.

* Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists are never really direct contact with patients and are rarely contact with other nurses and doctors. They will have given a set of audios and their job is to listen to all the audios and transcript it into written documents! 

Why this job is for introverts: You can even choose to be a freelancer and do this work from home! Primary education is apt for this role but you will get better opportunities if you have a nursing scholarship.

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