Healthcare5 Smart Tips for Diabetic Foot Care

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, changing your diet, eating less salt, and cutting down on added sugar should be your first steps. When it comes to your body, your feet in particular are at risk of nerve damage, reduced blood flow, and difficulty healing infections or injuries. Therefore, looking after your feet can help avoid serious problems. To help, here are five smart tips for diabetic foot care.

Inspect Your Feet Daily

To avoid serious foot problems, you must inspect your feet on a daily basis. If you spot any cuts, swelling, or blisters, you need to make an appointment with your doctor. To ensure you examine every area of your feet, you can use a magnifying hand mirror. Any warning signs like those above shouldn’t be neglected. So, don’t hesitate to speak to your doctor. If you put it off, minor cuts and scrapes can turn into serious complications.

Keep Your Feet Dry

After a bath or shower, you must get into the habit of drying your feet. The skin between your toes can get moist and break down, resulting in infections. To stop this from happening, you should towel dry your feet before you put socks and shoes on. There is a cheap online pharmacy at www.pharmacyonline.com.au you can use to purchase natural diabetic foot cream which can keep your feet moisturised, but make sure you don’t put it between your toes.

See a Podiatrist

To put your mind at ease regarding your feet, you should see a podiatrist regularly. Podiatrists are experts in foot care, meaning they can provide treatment and advice if you have any concerns. You may be using products that cause irritation to the skin and increase your risk of infection, which is why you should speak to a podiatrist who can recommend the best products on the market.

Try Low-Impact Exercises

We all understand the importance of regular exercise for our general health. However, those living with diabetes can benefit enormously from physical activity. Many individuals find swimming and walking beneficial exercises that don’t put too much pressure on your feet. It’s advised to avoid high-intensity workouts and activities like jumping and bouncing. Before conducting any physical exercise, you need to make sure you’re wearing the right shoes.

Quit Smoking

The health dangers of smoking run from the bottom of your feet to your head. If you are a smoker, you are depriving your body and feet of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood that is used to fight against infections and keep you healthy. The chemicals found in cigarette smoke can constrict and damage blood vessels, which is why you should consider packing in the habit for good. Many people have great difficulty quitting smoking. However, there are tons of tips that can increase the chances of you stopping.

If you have diabetes, you may encounter issues with your legs and feet. Those living with diabetes are put at an increased risk of blisters and ulcers among other injuries. So, following the guidance above will help keep your feet in good condition.

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