Dentistry5 Reasons To Get Examined By An Orthodontist In 2021

First, we must understand the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist. An orthodontist is a dental and often facial doctor that will work to correct current or potential future problems with your dental issues at all ages. A dentist is more reactive. Broken teeth, cavities, and gum disease issues to name but a few problems we all face.

Applying braces

Braces are usually applied to when you are quite young and will typically comprise of components of ceramics or metal and are interconnected by wire although with the technology today more and more people especially younger patients will opt for a plastic set of braces, when wearing the plastic option the braces become much less visible.

The alignment of the teeth is not just for aesthetic purposes. Misaligned teeth can affect you as you grow older, making chewing and correcting over or under biting bring the teeth into the correct alignment. Braces can be applied at any age. To find out more on what an orthodontist does visit We Love Smiles Orthodontists Switzerland.

Wearing retainers and the benefits

After you have the braces removed the next step is usually to use a retainer. These are custom made by your orthodontist to specifically help to keep your teeth aligned after the removal of the braces. These are removable unlike the braces, which unfortunately does mean the kids are prone to taking them out and possibly losing them which may be true or not (lost at school) but you should encourage them to continue the use as much as possible in line with the advice of your orthodontist. It’s not just the continuing tooth and bone alignment but retainers can also help with speech issues. Without a retainer, the hard work of the braces can be wasted as the teeth and bone will move back to their original place of origin. 

Reducing dental problems and preventing pain

Dental problems may arise from misaligned teeth often referred to as malocclusion or under/overbite which will cause the enamel to erode and can lead to infection and make chewing or biting a painful experience. Headaches are the most common problems from this to occur. The pressure build-up can be intense and have a serious effect on your wellbeing requiring urgent treatment but, this can be avoided by a visit to your orthodontist before problems arise.

Your child’s smile will last 

Everybody likes it when people smile and none more so than a happy child, it brings a smile to us all. To ensure children benefit an appointment to an orthodontist is recommended by the AAO the American Association of Orthodontists between the ages of six and no later than 8 years old. The earlier problems or potential problems are identified and addressed can help in reducing the amount of time that treatment will be required, lowering the cost and making it less invasive. Early treatment will potentially last a lifetime.

Having a beautiful smile and the benefits

Many people you may have noticed almost hide their smile because of dental issues, misaligned teeth for example, or gaps in the teeth make people very self-aware. It doesn’t have to be this way, with the range of treatments available today there is a solution that your orthodontist will be more than happy after a consultation to discuss with you the options and help bring that smile to the world. Not only boost your confidence and self-esteem but also makes you proud of the way you look and the way you smile.

With the correction of your teeth or gum problems, you will notice a change in yourself, not only aesthetic improvements but an examination by an orthodontist in 2021 will also help with any pain issues you may have current or potential future issues that may occur which can be rectified or avoided completely.

You are never too old for a comprehensive consultation by our orthodontist. Whilst it is essential that children are looked at early if the examination should find the need for treatment at any point in your life and you feel the need to visit an orthodontist you should book an appointment at the earliest opportunity. The advances in modern orthodontics and dentistry have come on leaps and bounds and are the best we have ever known and are available to us, and improving every day. The days of seeing dental experts and being afraid are over, highly trained and motivated orthodontists are waiting to improve the quality of your life.

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