GeneralAre Instant Pots Safe?

In recent times the demand for instant pots has grown. They are used as an alternative to a traditional pressure cooker as it offers many more features and allows you to reduce the time in which meals are cooked. Not only do people use them as a programmable pressure cooker, but they also use them as a steamer, to cook rice and to make yogurt. Cooking with an instant pot also has many health advantages, as it helps you from losing minerals and vitamins when cooking vegetables as the unit is enclosed and food remains in the same place while being cooked. In comparison to most other kitchen appliances, instant pots require very little energy. They are very convenient to use as they have a microprocessor built into them which helps keep your meals warm, so you can eat your meal whenever you like. 

So, you might be considering if an instant pot is a safe kitchen appliance to add to your home? If you follow the instructions carefully and educate family members or others who may be using it on how to use it properly, you should be okay. However, there are a few things you might want to take into consideration before purchasing an instant pot. Make sure to go online to find out more about instant pots by corrie cooks.

What Is Dangerous About Instant Pots?

Just like any kitchen appliance, instant pots have a few dangers. Even if you study the safety instructions well you must remember mishandling of an instant pot can result in dangerous injuries. This doesn’t mean that you should not purchase an instant pot, it just means that you should be careful using it, especially when handling it. 

How To Safely Release the Pressure Built Up In An Instant Pot?

You must also remember that an instant pot can build up a large amount of pressure inside it. You have to be extremely careful when releasing the pressure, making sure you follow the guidelines provided when you purchase the pot. The main thing that should concern someone using an instant pot is the pressurized superhot steam that has been built up inside the device. On most devices, you have two options on how to safely remove this built-up pressure. 

How To Release Pressure From An Instant Pot Naturally? 

The natural release takes a bit of time, sometimes 20 to 30 minutes, depending on what you are cooking and what type of instant pot you are using. It is a good option if you want to keep your kitchen clean as it releases the pressure slowly so there tends to be less movement in the instant pot. The ingredients will tend to move less so your stocks and soups will be much cleaner. You should only release the pressure once the food is fully cooked, although you will have the option to stop the cooking at any time, either way, you have to make sure the button to terminate the cooking cycle is pressed before releasing the pressure. 

How To Quickly Release The Pressure From An Instant Pot?

Releasing the pressure from an instant pot quickly can prove to be dangerous and this is where you need to be careful. Instant pots have a pressure valve that allows users to release the pressure much quicker. There is a button that opens a vent to let the pressure out. When you press this, it releases the pressure very quickly. All this built-up pressure will suddenly come shooting out of the device. This has proven to cause accidents. Make sure that you wear kitchen gloves. It might also prove useful to have a wooden spoon on hand or something similar which will allow you to move the position of the vent from a safe distance. Remember to be patient and wait until all the steam is out of the device before you touch it. Also, keep your eyes and face away from the steam when it is being released as it can cause injuries. Make sure kids or pets are kept a safe distance away from the device while this is happening. 

Can An Instant Pot Explode?

If you follow the guidelines provided with the instant pot, it should not explode, but unfortunately, exploding is a possibility. It is rare, especially with the instant pots on the market today as they have so many safety mechanisms built-in, however, users should still be careful. Explosions tend to happen when an instant pot is not cleaned properly and food is clogging up the anti-block shield area, not allowing the pressure built up inside to come through. Sometimes when this happens the lid blows off the top as the pressure finds another way to release itself. It is very important to keep an instant pot cleaned to prevent this from happening.

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