DentistryFive Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Kid’s Orthodontist

What if a few mistakes in your treatment ends up costing you thousands of dollars or even make your child’s teeth worse? You are probably guilty of assuming that all orthodontists are equal. However, like other health care careers, each orthodontist is different. Why is it crucial that you get the right orthodontist? The smile of your child will wholly depend on them, not to mention you will need to establish a relationship with them and their staff. Besides, frequent changing of the orthodontist will translate to a lot of time wastage and may lengthen the treatment period. Below are five mistakes you should look out for when hunting for a perfect child orthodontist.

Not carrying out a Research  

Dental treatment, such as braces or Invisalign are a crucial investment. You wouldn’t want to invest in the wrong orthodontist. Orthodontists are the most qualified dental professionals. Your chosen orthodontist should have proof of his qualification as they will have a seal of the American Association of Orthodontists on their website. Also, be sure to analyze their working hours. Do they operate in hours that keep your child from missing school or collide with your work schedule? Ensure they offer morning, evening, and lunch hours. It will ensure your kid’s grades aren’t affected. It is also crucial that you go through the review from other parents and patients.

Not asking about the Dental procedure

Not inquiring about the dental processes involved is another common mistake parents do. This is because, there are cases when dental treatments can cause trauma or they are too long and can be completed within a couple of weeks. Hence, parents need to know the entire procedure before deciding. It is best to consult with the orthodontist what procedures will be done during the initial appointments. Neglecting this simple factor can affect your kids’ oral health.

Failure to Discuss Payment Plan

Dental treatment isn’t cheap. Therefore, parents need to know the costs to help them determine if they have sufficient funds. You should also not choose the cheapest offer that the orthodontist has since you are investing in your child’s health. Dental treatments such as braces only last a couple of months or years, but their effect will be on the kid’s entire life. That perfect smile is priceless.

Also, analyze your dental insurance cover. Even if you have the best dental insurance coverage in the world, it still doesn’t completely cover the total costs of the orthodontic treatment. Thus, you still have to pay some amount of money. Ensure you discuss with the orthodontic patient before they start the treatment on your child. Often, quality orthodontists offer a payment plan which suits people of varying budgets and lifestyles.

Waiting too Long to Begin Treatment

Delaying to start treatment can translate to the procedure being expensive and complicated. Sometimes, it could result in dental issues later when they are adults. 5%-10% of children require early treatment. For such children, immediate orthodontic treatment will prevent the need to undergo surgery later in life and extensive treatment. Often these kids have a late loss of milk teeth, crossbite, issues with their jaw alignment, thumb sucking, and protruding teeth. When you choose to take your child for screening early, you will be preventing future risks.

Not Asking Post-treatment Costs

Once your child’s teeth get aligned, you will need retainers to help them hold the teeth in place. Sometimes the cost of the retainers is excluded from the overall treatment plan. You should find out such information before proceeding with the treatment.

Every child’s orthodontic treatment varies. Ensure that you understand what you are getting into before making a huge investment.

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