Dentistry3 Ways How To Create Value For Your Dental Practice

With an increasing number of dentists graduating each year and new dental practices springing up everywhere, running a successful dental practice demands more than mere good clinical skills. A successful dentist has to be a seasoned administrator and businessman as well. Unfortunately, many dentists focus solely on the clinical aspect of practice management and fail to focus on other factors that can add value to their practice in the current competitive scenario.

If you wish to improve your practice’s reputation and increase your revenues, then read on. Here are three killer ways to increase the value of your dental practice.

1. Improve your Online Presence

In today’s world, people rely on the internet to help them decide what to buy. The same applies to selecting a dental practice. Before choosing a dental practice, patients will first visit their website to learn more about their services. Therefore, having a website that contains information about the services you offer – and educational content that explains these services – is of utmost importance.

Your website should be designed in a way that captures the interest of your patients and offers them all the information that they need – from treatment charges to timings, insurance coverage, and emergency dental care information. More importantly, you should develop a mobile-friendly website. According to the American Dental Association, about 50% of your website’s visitors come through mobile devices. With a purpose-built and user-friendly website, you convert potential patients into loyal, long-term patients.

2. Develop a Referral System

Most dentists shy away from asking their patients for reviews and referrals. Research shows that while around 83% of satisfied customers agree to refer patients, only 29% of them actually do it. What prevents them? They are not asked.

You can politely ask your loyal patients to refer your practice to their friends and family if they are happy with your services. Statistics show that referred customers – or patients – have a 16% higher lifetime value than walk-in patients.

More importantly, you should develop a referral system wherein all referred patients, whether they are walk-in or contact you through your website or social media platforms – are entertained and welcomed – and their queries are answered promptly. Rewarding your referring patients with free check-ups or discounted cleanings can also go a long way in increasing your patient referrals and your practice’s value.

3. Your Online Reviews are Important

In today’s world, people buy only those things – or from those businesses – that have positive online ratings. Even if one of your satisfied patients has referred your practice to someone, they will first check your online reviews on Yelp or Google. Only if they find good reviews will they think of visiting your practice physically.

So, how can you improve your online ratings? By improving the overall quality of the services provided by your practice. If you have great clinical skills as a dentist but your team lacks interpersonal skills, you are less likely to see an improvement in your referrals.

Your patients should feel welcomed as soon as they step foot into your office. Your practice’s waiting area should be tastefully designed, keeping in view the comfort and convenience of your patients. The American Dental  Association offers some design ideas that will help convert your office into a patient-friendly, modernized, and welcoming practice.

When your patients walk out of your practice happy and satisfied, they will surely tell about their experience to their friends and colleagues – and some of them will also post five-star reviews on online platforms – thus directly increasing the value of your dental practice.

Survey results show that 94% avoid visiting the same business following a negative experience. That is why feedback is very important in ensuring positive online practice reviews. You and your team should take the input of your patients very seriously. If a patient leaves a negative review, please contact them and address the issue as soon as possible. 53% of customers expect businesses to respond to – and address their negative reviews – within a week.

Like other business customers, if your patients feel that their feedback matters, they will surely appreciate it and become your long-term customers, simply because they were given importance and were valued.

When it comes to increasing your practice’s value, the most important factor is patient satisfaction. Simply follow these above-mentioned tips, and you will see a visible improvement in your patient referrals, revenues, and the value of your practice.

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