General3 Ways Companies Help Employees Achieve Work-Life Balance

Because employees are the lifeblood of any organization, it follows that employers have to take good care of their employees’ needs. At the very least, organizations need to strive to have happy employees to the point that employee engagement is high, turnover is low, productivity is great, positivity continues to fluster, and profits are good.

There are many ways to make employees happy, but nowadays, the core focus is on giving them the opportunity to have a good work-life balance. No employee ever wants to feel like they’re a slave of their company, working longer hours than they ought to. Work-life balance is a part of self-care and good mental health where the individual is able to achieve the best of both worlds, with neither facet of their life being sacrificed or left behind.

Employers have a huge role to play in ensuring that their employees continue to be happy and contented by having the best work-life balance. Below, you’ll come across some of the best practices employers can adopt to achieve such.

1. Establish A Corporate Wellness Program

The modern workplace of today isn’t just one that pays its employees well. Rather, it’s also one that has its employees’ wellness to heart. From simple things like providing a pantry filled with healthy snacks and beverages to having company-sponsored wellness activities, there are many things a company can do to incorporate such into their employee wellness program.

To give you a good head start, here are suggestions for some of those activities:

  • Encourage meditation breaks. While it may be called such, its main purpose isn’t limited only to meditating. It refers to breaks an employee can take to have a short breather for some quiet time and to do whatever it is they feel can help them let off some steam in their mind and emotions.
  • Set up cooking classes. Not every employee will be able to afford to eat regularly in one of those specialized healthy-eating restaurants. They may not be able to do that, but they can whip up their own healthy meals after learning straight from a chef. Offer cooking classes that feature healthy meals, open to anyone who wishes to avail themselves of it.
  • Give out employee surveys. One of the best ways for a company to have an idea about how their employees are doing and how they feel about the company is through giving out surveys. Make those anonymous, so each employee will feel more attuned to actually answering them.

Should there be any negative workplace issue that seems to be recurring from one employee to another, discuss those with upper management and see if anything can be done to correct it. It’s not enough to have surveys done. For those surveys to contribute to your corporate wellness program, action has to be taken as well.

2. Offer Flexible Working Arrangements

Today is the year 2022. Around two years ago, remote and flexible working arrangements first soared into popularity because offices had no choice. The world was struck with a health crisis that even the most stable of all companies weren’t prepared to face. This meant the need to have employees start working from home.

Fast forward to today, many employees have adjusted to working from home such that they now see this as a positive means to have a better work-life balance. Parents, in particular, are more attuned to taking this route, so they can continue earning while also meeting the needs of their families.

With that, your company may want to offer a flexible working arrangement to those who desire to avail themselves of such. For as long as their job function doesn’t require them to report physically in the office, give them the opportunity to time in for work right in the comfort of home.

When employees are happy and comfortable, they may have a higher propensity to work better. Your company may just notice a big change in productivity levels, making your team more efficient despite the apparent distance.

3. Set Boundaries With Clients

One of the reasons why employees may be overworked is when the employers or upper management themselves make their company so available to their clients with the aim of achieving better customer service. Truth be told, however, there are many ways for companies to provide good customer service without overworking their internal staff.

This begins with setting the office hours straight with clients. If you’re closed on Saturdays, then inform them beforehand about such. That way, they won’t pester or demand services on weekends. If your office closes at five in the afternoon, then make that clear, too.

A Good Work-Life Balance Is Within Reach

The demands that companies have to face often result in employees that find it hard to balance their work and personal life. One has to be given up on making the other successful, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. The tips above are only a few, but there are so many more ways that employers can be that positive light to their employees whereby the company culture fosters a good balance of work and play.

Happy employees are always an asset for a company, so there’s no reason why promoting a good work-life balance shouldn’t be a core effort for employers to grant their employees.

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