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Getting a good night’s sleep definitely seems harder than it used to be. However, if you follow the tips in this guide you will soon find yourself enjoying a much better night’s sleep.

Look at Getting a New Mattress

This could be because a mattress is too old (even good mattresses get worse from use over time) or maybe it’s a new mattress but it’s just not a good fit for you and how you like to sleep. Very good quality mattresses can last 9 to 10 years on average but even then there are extenuating circumstances that can cut this number back.

When you buy a new mattress make sure not just to look for comfort but for support, as well. It takes both to get the most out of your mattress for a wonderful night’s sleep. Alternatively a mattress topper is a good option. Read these mattress topper customer reviews.

Cut Back on the Alcohol

While alcohol can be sedative it also tends to cut out deep sleep, as well as screw up sleep patterns your body has already adapted to.

Add in increased chances of snoring, aggravated sleep apnea, and random waking up in the middle of the night and alcohol’s promise of a good night’s sleep is empty at best.

Make Your Bedroom More “Sleep Friendly”

We watch TV, electronics, play video games, and even work from the bedroom. If you want a good night’s sleep, this needs to stop!

Make your bedroom a better place to sleep by:

– Keeping the room temperature cool (under 70 degrees for most people, some even sleep better down around 60)

– Removing computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices

– Using blackout curtains

– Creating habits or a ritual before going to bed each night

Create a Nightly Ritual

If every night you listen to some light music while meditating for ten minutes, then read for half an hour before going to bed, eventually your body will associate those actions with preparing for bed at night. The more often you do this, the easier and more effective it becomes.

Keep a Regular Schedule

If you go to sleep at 8 PM, 11 PM, 3 AM, 9 PM, then 2 AM – no wonder you’re not sleeping! Consistency is incredibly important when it comes to creating and maintaining good sleep habits. A regular schedule is going to provide far better results then people who just go to sleep at random times.

Everybody has their sleep cycles and you want those to remain as consistent as possible.

Eat/Drink Light at Night

A heavy stomach does not lead to good sleeping. This goes for eating too much right before bed but also drinking too much, as well. If you’re hungry or thirsty, just go light and you’ll sleep much better.

Don’t Nap Too Much

It’s natural to be a bit tired during certain parts of the day. Napping can be good, but too much napping makes good sleep a problem. If you do nap keep it to one and for less than one hour.

Bedroom Should Serve One Purpose

The bedroom should be for sleeping and for intimate activities with a partner. That’s it. No TV, no work, no chores (outside those that need to be done to keep the bedroom in good shape). Read more about Pemf mats.

When the bedroom is there for rest and sleep, your body will quickly get used to downshifting every time you enter the room for any amount of time. This can be huge for getting a better night’s sleep and feeling more rested every single day as a result.

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    Nakshatra Nair

    February 15, 2022 at 3:20 pm

    Getting a good night’s sleep seems to be more difficult than it used to be. However, if you follow the advice in this article you will soon find yourself enjoying a much better night’s sleep. – Nidra Nutrition


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