Covid-19Will Masks Still Be A Thing After A Covid-19 Vaccine Is Found?

The short answer is that they should be. Many Asian countries were able to keep the coronavirus from getting too out of hand due to their use of masks even when there isn’t a pandemic. Plus, they are very vigilant about keeping their hands washed and are very sanitary. In Japan and South Korea in particular.

So, now that masks are the norm in our daily lives, it begs the question. And the answer is that masks will help keep us from spreading other viruses. It would be a great idea if people continued to wear masks to help reduce the spread of the seasonal flu and even the common cold.

In this article, I will go over several ways that we benefit from continuing to wear a mask even if a vaccine is discovered for Covid-19.

They can be a fashion statement

 We don’t have to look clinical and sterile when out and about in a mask. In fact, it is possible to look quite stylish and show a bit of flair while keeping your fellow citizens healthy.

In fact, this could be a big business opportunity for an entrepreneur to run with by ordering custom masks for companies or individuals by using a site like

Having people take on this stylish accessory would encourage more people to continue to wear a mask long after the vaccine is found.

Masks reduce the spread of other viruses

 There are so many deadly viruses that it simply makes sense to continue to use the mask even as mandatory use of one is phased out.

It is uncomfortable to wear them and does take some getting used to, but when everyone is wearing a mask we can also slow down the spread of the flu that kills tens of thousands every year. There is a vaccine for the flu, and yet there are still many people that catch it and die from it even after having been vaccinated. One of the reasons that this happens is that the flu is allowed to spread through the population and mutates as it does so. The flu strain at the end of the winter is much different than the one the vaccine was designed to prevent.

At this point it is uncertain if the same thing will happen with Covid-19. Will a vaccine eradicate it, or will this be a seasonal thing that requires a different vaccine every year. It could happen just like the flu and wearing a mask will keep it from getting really bad.

And if a flu and the coronavirus are raging at the same time then that could truly be deadly if people are not wearing masks.


 Wearing a mask, washing hands and avoiding large groups is practising good sense when there is a virus out and about. Even when it is managed and controlled, these measures should continue. With the right measures we can manage a good amount of different viruses.

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    Stella Wilson

    July 22, 2020 at 7:13 am

    I don’t think that people are gonna wear the masks after COVID 19 Ends. People are fed up with keeping it on their face. Well, thanks for sharing this informative blog.


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